Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team and Red Rescue Team

What are the ranks in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team?

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Normal Rank: 0 - 49 Rescue Points

Bronze Rank: 50 - 499 Rescue Points

Silver Rank: 500 - 1,499 Rescue Points

Gold Rank: 1,500 - 2,999 Rescue Points

Plantinum Rank: 3,000 - 7,499 Rescue Points

Diamond Rank: 7,500 - 14,999 Rescue Points

Lucario Rank: 15,000+ Rescue Points

You can get your rank higher by completing missions.

REPLY (points)

The following are the points you are able to obtain by completing a mission with the corresponding difficulty.


D:10 to 20

C:40 to 60

B:80 to 100

A:150 to 200

S:300 to 400

*:700 to 1500

ok here are some missions u can do to get a higher rank there B,A and S missions or if u want to make ur own missions go here Theres no period at the end and there is no download needed. now the codes im giving u have joy seeds and poke for there reward ok now here they r.........

1?8Y FHT? 492-

TR?R 6N6R R??W

1?8Y 54S? 492+

+R?R 6N6R R??W

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How many Rescue Points do you need to get all of the ranks in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team?

YOU NEED 15.000 POINTS.THE LAST RANK IS LUCARIO RANK.........TEAM FIGHTERS PRODUCTIONS _________________________________________________________________________________________ check out, where there is a lot of Pokemon help!

What are the ranks in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon?

normal bronze sliver gold diamond platinum lucario

What ranks are in Pokemon mystery dungeon gates to infinity?

The last rank is ultimate I believe. :3

What are all the ranks in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon explorers of sky?

normal rankbronze ranksilver rankgold rankdiamond rankhyper rankmaster * rankmaster ** rankmaster *** rankguildmaster rank(after you rescue scizor from froslass he gives you the secret rank)

Where do you get Ginseng in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Darkness?

you get ginseng when you hit certain ranks, or from zero isle north, south, east, and west

How do you recruit in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon?

Sometimes when you defeat a Pokemon it will ask to join your team. You can the refuse to allow onto your team or accept it into your ranks. However, it is impossible to recruit a Pokemon if you do not have its Friend Area. You can buy Friend areas from Wigglytuff in Pokemon Square.

What are the rescue ranks in order for Pokemon Red rescue?

ranks bronze 50 rescue points required silver 500 rescue points required gold 1500 rescue points required platinum 3000 rescue points required diamond 7500 rescue pints required lucario 15000 rescue points required

Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of the sky ranks?

normal rank bronze rank silver rank gold rank diamond rank super rank hyper rank ultra rank master * rank master ** rank master *** rank guildmaster rank (after you rescue scizor from froslass he gives you the secret rank)

What are the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon ranks?

Normal-0 points Bronze-50 points Silver-500 points Gold-1500 Diamond-7500 Lucario-15000 you can get points with misions and after the reward you will receive points

What is the highest rank in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon explorers of time?

basically its master rank because those new dungeons are not in time or darkness therefore you cannot have guild-master master *** master ** or Master * ranks master is the highest you can have

What are the different ranks in Pokemon Blue rescue team?

they r bronze,silver,gold,platinum,crystal,then i think lucario

What are the ranks in Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Time?


What are the ranks in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon explorers of darkness?

1. normal rank 2. bronze rank 3. silver rank 4. gold rank 5. diamond rank 6. super rank 7. ultra rank 8. hyper rank 9. master rank

What do the ranks in red rescue team do for you?

well i think they help you to get Pokemon to join the higher the faster. and as soon as u get lucario rank he shows up and battles u. p.s. lucario rank is 30,000 rescue points.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of sky ranks and Points?

normal rank bronze rank silver rank gold rank diamond rank super rank ultra rank hyper rank master rank master*rank master**rank master***rank guild master rank

What are the ranks in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Time?

Normal Rank Bronze Rank Silver Rank Gold Rank Diamond Rank super Rank Hyper Rank Master Rank Master Rank* Master Rank** Master Rank*** Guild Master Rank Secret Rank (Save Scizor from Crevice Cave)

What are the ranks in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers ofTime?

Normal Rank: 0 - 99 Bronze Rank: 100 - 399 Silver Rank: 400 - 1,599 Gold Rank: 1,600 - 3,199 Diamond Rank: 3,200 - 5,999 Super Rank: 6,000 - 9,999 Ultra Rank: 10,000 - 14,999 Hyper Rank: 15,000 - ??? Master Rank: ???

How do you get higher than master rank on Pokemon explorers of sky?

When you rescue Scizor, he will give you the secret rank. In Explorers of Sky only, this unlocks 4 more ranks above Master Rank.

What do you do in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon sky after you defeat darkr ai?

Well, you can recruit Cresselia. After some time, Manaphy comes back, and later there's a dungeon called Marine Resort. Once that unlocks, the whole game's story is pretty much over. There's still the seven treasures, recruiting legendaries, and some endgame dungeons, as well as some hidden ones you'll unlock with very high team ranks. Aside from that, though... Darkrai is essentially the "final boss", as it were.

What are the ranks on red rescue team?

this is the order that you get them Normal (start) Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Lucario

How many ranks are there in Pokemon Rumble?

There Are 3 ranks. Normal. Advanced. EX. There Are 4 ranks in each State of rank. C comes first. Then, B. Then, A Last, S

What rating does growlithe have in the Pokemon ranks?

To me he is the most awesome pokemon in existence, though I doubt anyone else thinks that.

Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of sky wonder mail s code to recruit jirachi?

I'm sorry to say but there is no code to recruit Jirachi. But there is a way. You have to do an episode called "Bidoof's Wish." Then go into the story some more and eventually you could go to the 15 floor dungeon, "Wish Cave."Edit: there is a code, but you need one of the last Exploration Ranks to get the Challenge letter from Jirachi in Spinda's Café, the letter will NOT be handed out to you by Jirachi self, but by another Pokemon. I have the second last rank named 'Master *** Rank', and now i need 75.000 (!) more points to reach the last rank, but i still didn't got the challenge letter myself.

How do you get mew in Pokemon Blue Mystery Dungeon?

Location & How To Unlock(Skip this information if you have already unlocked the dungeon Buried Relic and see "Recruiting Mew")Mew is located in Buried Relic, F36 - F98. To get this dungeon you must first clear Stormy Seas (and Pitfall Valley) and continue until Pelipper delivers another issue of Pokemon News, stating an ancient ruin had been discovered, and that it is currently the main topic of conversation. After talking to the citizens in the Pokemon Square that stand in the center, you can go to Buried Relic. This dungeon has three bosses (Regirock, Regice and Registeel, all farely easy - and Mew is not considered a boss.) After clearing all the three boss matches and obtaining all three Regi Treasures (Rock Part, Ice Part and Steel Part) the parts fuse into a Music Box, which will allow you to encounter Mew whilst exploring the dungeon. Without this rare item you cannot find Mew.Recruiting MewRecruiting this rare Pokemon can be a difficult thing to do; there are many ways to raise the recruit rate. Mew's recruit rate is an unfortunate 0.9%, possibly raisied by any of the methods below. Mew is most likely found between floors 94-98. Mew will not appear on floor 99, just in case you were wondering. LEVEL - you get a bonus 24% if your level is over Lvl. 90ITEM - Holding a Friend Bow gives you an extra 10%RUMOURS CORRECTED - just a note, Rescue Team Ranks will NOT increase your recruit rate, nor will your leader's IQ rate.

Could someone please tell me what 'Accepted all special requests' means on Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky means?

Five legendary pokemon will challenge you to fights. Jirachi at Wish Cave, Mewtwo at Sky Stairway, Suicune at Treacherous Waters, Raikou at Southeastern Islands, Entei at Inferno Cave. The last three locations are unlocked by reaching the '*' Master Ranks including the final one. Once you defeat all five, this is what ticks off the "Accepted all Special Missions" on the Adventure Log.

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