What are the ranks in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team?

Normal Rank: 0 - 49 Rescue Points

Bronze Rank: 50 - 499 Rescue Points

Silver Rank: 500 - 1,499 Rescue Points

Gold Rank: 1,500 - 2,999 Rescue Points

Plantinum Rank: 3,000 - 7,499 Rescue Points

Diamond Rank: 7,500 - 14,999 Rescue Points

Lucario Rank: 15,000+ Rescue Points

You can get your rank higher by completing missions.

REPLY (points)

The following are the points you are able to obtain by completing a mission with the corresponding difficulty.


D:10 to 20

C:40 to 60

B:80 to 100

A:150 to 200

S:300 to 400

*:700 to 1500

ok here are some missions u can do to get a higher rank there B,A and S missions or if u want to make ur own missions go here http://www.upokecenter.com/games/dungeon/guides/wondermail.php. Theres no period at the end and there is no download needed. now the codes im giving u have joy seeds and poke for there reward ok now here they r.........

1?8Y FHT? 492-

TR?R 6N6R R??W

1?8Y 54S? 492+

+R?R 6N6R R??W