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What are the real names of the main characters on Csi Miami?

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Horatio Caine: David Caruso Eric Delko: Adam Rodriguez Calleigh Duqesne: Emily Procter Tim Speedle: Rory Cochrane Maxine Valera: Boti Bliss

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What are real names of characters in the jump in films?

The main characters real names are Corbin Bleu and Keke Palmer!!

What are the main characters of streetdance real names?

Is this the film? If yes you can type in your question on google and it will give a the list of the main characters.

What were the real names of the two main characters on the titanic?

The love story of the Titanic was not true; thus the names do not exsist.

What are the real names of the cast of Flight of the Conchords?

Bret and Jemaine (the two main characters) actually have the same names in 'real life'- Bret Mckenzie and Jemaine Clement.

All twilght new moon characters real-life names?

The 3 main characters names are Bella- Kristen Stewart, Edward- Robert Patterson and Jacob- Taylor Launter

Who are the main characters in Alice in Wonderland real names?

The 2010 main cast members are Johnny Depp, Mia Wasikowska, Helena Bonham Carter

What are the real names of the Fonejacker characters?

Kayvan Novak plays all of the characters

What are the nicknames and real names of the characters from holes?

The real names and nicknames of the main characters of the novel Holes are as follows: Stanley Yelnats, the main character (Caveman), Hector Zeroni (Zero), Rick (Zigzag), Jose (Magnet), Theodore (Armpit), Alan (Squid), Brian (Twitch), and Rex (X-Ray, Pig Latin for Rex).

What are the main few characters in fools gold real names?

Kate Hudson, Matthew mcconnaghey(can't spell his name!) and Donald sutherland

Why did they use the names of Rose and Jack instead of the real names?

Because there are no real names for Jack and Rose. They are fictional (make-believe) characters.

Why do the characters of Pretty Little Liars don't exist in real life?

because they are characters in a show. and n real life they are real people w/ real names and hav real lives

Is call of duty modern warfare characters are true?

No, many of the characters of Call of Duty are all fiction and are not real people. The main characters in particular are not real.

What is all the characters from reawakening real names?

Cornbread real name is alex sanders i think

What are the Real names of actors in The Wedding Singer?

The two main characters in the 1998 romantic comedy are Robbie (portrayed by Adam Sandler) and Julia (Drew Barrymore).

What are the real names of the main characters on shake it up?

Bella Thorne as Cece (Cecelia) Jones, and Zendaya Coleman as Rocky (Racheal) Blue. Hope this helped!

Who are the main characters of phantom of the opera?

Christine, Roul(not sure if I spelled that right), and the Phantom No no noo!!! I think the questioner is asking who they ARE! Phantom- Gerald Butler I have no idea what Christine and Raoul's real names are, but Google it, and you'll find a movie thing with all the names of the characters!~

Was rose and jack a cover up for the real names?

No, they were just fictional characters

What are the characters of black ops?

All the main characters are Mason,Woods,Bowman, Reznov, Hudson,Weaver,Dragovich,Kravchenko,& Stiener.(yes they are the REAL main characters in black ops.

What are all the characters' real names from 'HollyOaks'?

You can find out everyone's real name by going on their website.

What are the real names of the Twilight cast?

Kristin Stewart - Bella Swan Robert Pattinson - Edward Cullen Taylor Lautner - Jacob Black These are just the three main characters.

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