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piper - holly Marie combs

phoebe - Alyssa Milano

prue - shannen doherty

paige - rose mcgowan

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Who did Alyssa Milano play in Charmed?

Alyssa Milano played Phoebe Halliwell in Charmed.

Is charmed having a season 9?

im really sorry to say but no there will not be a charmed season 9 as the charmed ones do not wish to continue but i think that they should get the children to play it but in the future e.g. wyatt and chriss all grown up with there cousins and sister. do you think that would be a good series? would you watch it?

What is the real name of Wyatt Halliwell?

Two people play Wyatt in charmed Jason and Kristopher Simmons.

Where can you see all charmed seasons for free?

on the televison network tnt they play the reruns of charmed

Did Sharon Osbourne play as Grams in the tv show Charmed?

No, Grams on Charmed was played by Jennifer Rhodes not Sharon Osbourne.

Did leigh-allyn baker play in charmed?

yes Leigh-Allyn Baker played in charmed (she played Hannah Webster)

How do you get your parent to get you into soccer?

Ask them, and demonstrate interest in it, watch games, play games (real ones and video ones), learn players' names, become a fan.

What type of sports do africans play?

The same ones as people elsewhere

What episode did holly Marie combs children play in charmed?

Holly's children never played in Charmed. Holly's son Riley played Baby Chris.

Famous people play RuneScape?

There may be certain celebs out there that play Runescape, but names of which are confidential.

What are the names of black people that play sports?

They are called athletes, just like people who are not black.

What sports do people play in New Mexico?

the same ones the played in old mexico.

What were the characters names in shakespeares play Macbeth?

See the attached link. All editions of Shakespeare's plays, including the very first ones, include a list of the characters' names on the first page.

Can you really tell if two people are compatible just by their names?

No; that is just a con that people try to play on you. Do not believe that.

What are PS3 names?

This is your username which people will see when you play online in games such as call of duty.

How many hours per day do people play video games?

Some are addictive so they play the whole day, And the other ones play 2hours/1hour

Why did prue go out of charmed?

Because the actress who played Prue didn't want to play in the show anymore.

Are there any games with characters that look like the ones on fantage?

no not that ive heard of sorry :( but there are othe ones that you play as other people, pandas, penguins or monsters.

Who is going to be on so random?

Multiple guest stars like Mitchell Mosso Greyson Chance Bridget Mendler and much much more. But the ones who will be there all the time are sterling knight and the people who play nico and Grady I forgot their names

Are nike air force ones good for basketball?

Yes they are. People that play basetball usually wear them.

In baseball what does a Game Informer do?

Game Informers are the ones that inform everyone about different insights in the game, such as stats and play by play. They inform people about what is going on.

What is the difference between the PS3 and PSP?

Ones a Play Station 3, ones a Play Station Portable.

What equipment is needed to play street soccer?

There are not many pieces of equipment that is needed to play street soccer. All that is needed is a ball, space to play and people to play with. Goals are nice but there can be homemade ones.

What sports did people play in the 1990's?

The same ones they do today. 1990 isn't that far in the past.

How does location effect people in sports?

Some people, especially those who play at the professional level, find that they perform better at some venues compared to others, especially the ones they regularly play and train on.

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