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If you owe back child support.

If you are not a US citizen.

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Q: What are the reasons for disqualification for a US passport?
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Can a us citizen be denied a us passport for IRS reasons?


What are some reasons you can't get a US passport?

if I'm a felony in the us 6 years ago and owe back child support can i get a passport

What are disqualifications for a passport?

I would think that one disqualification would be having no verification of citizenship in the country from which you desire a passport. Another would be no proof of identity.

How much does an expedited passport cost?

There are many reasons why a person may need a passport. If you are in need of an expedited US passport then you can expect to pay an extra 60 dollars for your passport. That means for a first time adult an expedited passport will cost 195 USD. The price for a minor will be 165 USD.

Is a passport needed to travel from a US Territory to the US?

Passport is a requisit.

Can I reenter the US on an expiring passport?

If it is an expiring US passport then the answer is yes.

In the US where can you go without a passport?

If you are a US citizen you do not need a passport to travel in the US.

You do not have your US passport with you How do you get the number of your passport?

You Don't. You need to have a passport in order to have a passport number.

Does a US citizen need a passport to go to Jamaica?

A US citizen is required to have a passport, or a passport card, at any point of entry into the US.

Can you travel from us to London with a passport?

Yes, with a passport you can fly from the US to anywhere.

Where is passport number on US passport?

The naturalization number is not located on the US passport. The naturalization number can be found on the Naturalization certificate.

How do you change a US passport card to a US passport?

Not all countries would recognise a US passport card, the document is only of limited value.If you want a full US passport, you need to contact the US National Passport Information Centeron telephone 1-877-487-2778.

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