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What are the reasons the check engine light would come on in a 2000 4-Runner?


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There are way too many to list, probably a couple of thousand different things that could trigger it. When the light goes on, the engine computer stores a fault code. This is just a series of numbers or letters and numbers. You need to retrieve this code from the engine computer. Some autozone's have the equipment to diagnose a check engine light, and will do it for free if they can. Once you have the code, you can find out why the computer triggered the light, for example it may say "lean mixture", "knock", "cylinder misfire" etc. This will help you narrow down the possible causes from a few thousand to about a half a dozen things to check. If you don't understand what the fault code means, have a friend who knows a lot about cars help you. If you still can't get the problem solved, then you may have to take it to a mechanic and be satisfied that at least you tried to fix it yourself. Also, if you do have it fixed by a mechanic, be sure to ask them what caused it, most mechanics are very friendly about explaining what was wrong. That way, if in the future you get the same code, you'll know what to check first. Hope this helps. Good luck.


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There are pages and pages of things that can cause a check engine light. You need to have it checked with a scantool. Then the code can be diagnosed and repaired.

There are lots of different reasons a check engine light can come on does the car feel any different?

check engine usually is emissions related, try resetting by disconnect negative battery terminal for about 5-10 minutes.

The check engine light in a 2004 Toyota Tacoma can come on for many reasons. It could indicate an exhaust leak or a problem with the engine.

There are a number of reasons why a check light might be coming on in your car. Once the check engine light comes on it is important to get the car to a mechanic for diganoses.

The check engine light can come on for a variety of reasons. You will have to have the vehicle connected to a code reader to determine the specific reason for the light to be on.

A spark plug that is causing a misfire is one of many reasons for the check engine light to come on.

That is the check engine light.That is the check engine light.

There are several reasons why a check engine light could be on a 1995 Jeep Cherokee Sport. A few reasons are a loose gas cap, spark plugs, or low oil.

Problem with emission control system have vehicle scanned to determine the problem

Flashing check engine lights means one or more cylinders are misfiring. Could be injectors, coils, plugs, wires, etc. Get it to a shop.

There could be several reasons for the check engine light to come on. You can take it to Advance Auto Parts or Autozone and if the check engine light is on they will hook it to their computer and tell you exactly what the problem is for free.

There are many reasons for that check engine light. You could go to dealership. Or you could simply disconnect battery and reconnect after 3 minutes.

Cold weather can make your check engine light come on for various reasons. It could be caused by low fluids or a sensor.

Check engine lights come on for several reasons. I own a 98 Monte and my check engine light comes on alot. It could be any thing from a un clipped sensor, fuse, oil needs changed or checked. Take it to Pep Boys or Autozone they check out your check engine light for free.

No, oil level does not cause the check engine light.

The service engine light is the same thing as a check engine light.

I am not sure of the other 4 reasons But in my experience the top reason your check engine light comes on is because your gas cap isn't tightened all the way.

A few of the top reasons a check engine light are on is the gas cap is not tight, the oil may need changed, or a tune up is needed. A mechanic can run a diagnostics test for a small fee.

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