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Airbus 340-300 ST ATAD

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Q: What are the recent aircraft in Sudan airways?
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When was Sudan Airways created?

Sudan Airways was created in 1947.

How many aircraft do jet airways have?

I think Jet Airways have 97 Aircraft

How many aircrafts does British airways have?

British Airways Mainline: 224 Aircraft BA Cityflyer: 10 Aircraft Openskies :4 Aircraft

How many planes do British airways have?

British Airways currently have 277 aircraft in their fleet.

What aircraft does pet airways operate?

Beech 1900

What two countries in Africa were once a single country?

Sudan and South Sudan were until recent one country, Sudan

What is the most recent country in the world?

South Sudan

What aircraft does Thai Airways use from Bangkok to London?

boeing 747

Who is the recent owner of spice jet airways?

ajay singh.

What do you know about Qatar Airways?

Qatar Airways operates one of the most modern fleets of almost 120 aircraft in the skies today. Many late models of Airbus and Boeing aircraft that fly world wide.

What aircraft is used on first choice airways flight fca030?


What aircraft is used on first choice airways flight fca054?

A Boeing 767

What is the width of the isle in a US Airways airplane?

The answer depends on the exact aircraft type.

What aircraft do british airways use to fly to entebbe?

Boeing 767-300ER

What is the name of the supersonic aircraft flown by Air France and British Airways?

There are NO supersonic aircraft flown by Air France and British Airways.However, up to 26 November 2003 they both flew the Aérospatiale-BAC Concorde.

What company is doing etihad airways engineering?

Abu Dhabi Aircraft Technologies(ADAT)

Do Thomson Airways 757-200 have seatback televisions?

As it is a long-haul aircraft, it does.

What type of aircraft do british airways fly from gatwick to Orlando?

Boeing 777 - 200.

What aircraft does Thai Airways use from Bangkok to Johannesburg?

Thai Airways are currently using the Boeing 777-200 for the Bangkok-Johannesburg service (Flight TG991).

Why have the people of Sudan suffered terribly in recent years?

political and ethnic conflicts

The recent civil wars in Cambodia Bosnia Sudan and Rwanda are examples of what?


What aircraft does Thai Airways use from Bangkok to Auckland?

Thai airways International flies from Bangkok to Auckland in a 777-200ER with 292 seats for its 12 hour journey

Different of military aircraft and civil aircraft?

military aircraft are used for military purposes i.e combat, military cargo, extraction of troops and etc.. civil aircraft are ones use for commercial airlines for example. British airways and Qantas.

Does the queen of England have her own aircraft?

No. She charters a British Airways aircraft as required. The cost of maintaing a private aircraft capable of long haul flights is prohibitive, and the amount of travel done by the Queen is not excessive.

When did the Sudan Civil War happen?

There have been two civil wars in the Sudan in recent history. The last civil war ended in 2005. It is impossible to predict when or if another Sudan Civil War will happen.