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your eyes move slowly side to side under your eyelids made by Henry white

No. Dark circles under ones eyes mean you haven't been sleeping or are over sleeping and are drained.

Stress lines. Or Bags from lack of sleep.

You sometimes have dark circles under you r eyes because it's either your not getting enough sleep or your not sleeping very well.

I think your mistaken with cheetahs.....

yes you are still sleeping, but your eyes can dry

Sleeping with eyes open can be harmful because it will make the eyes dry out. If eyes are dry it is easier to get an infection.

You wont be tired and you wont have bags under your eyes.

Snakes have no eyelids, and so they appear to sleep with their eyes open. In that sense, no, snakes eyes do not "look different" when they're sleeping.In the place of moving lids, snakes' eyes are protected by transparent layer of scales called spectacles which help both protect the eyes and keep them moist - just as eyelids do for other animals.

I am assuming you mean "how does a lack of sleep effect your eyes?" Low levels of sleep will cause redness in the whites of the eyes and will cause you to get dark circles under the eyes.

This generally happens due to lack of sleep or dust.

Klein-Becker Stri Vectin SD Eye Cream is a great product to help to reduce fine lines under your eyes. however there is no indication that it whil help to reduce bags under your eyes.

There are many potential treatment for dark circles under the eyes. These include putting cucumbers on your eyes before 20 minutes before sleeping and making sure you get enough sleep.

Iit makes them look harder then they are

by sleeping more often and keep from stress okay and if u believe my answer is true right yup....... under my answer okay

with there eyes closed

Answer No it does not effect the eyes . You can get a cold but hair has nothing to do with the eyes.

yes- the army used to have to and anyway, i sleepwalk alot and that's sleeping w/ ur eyes open!

AnswerpoDogs don't "sleep". They'll just nap... That's why it's easy to wake a "sleeping dog". And if they don't literally sleep, they can keep their eyes open while "sleeping"It's actually normal for a dog to be sleeping with its eyes open, that means it's had a long day, or it's not sleeping, just staring at something.

Because The Light reflects off the lemon and it comes to your eyes

In the Disney adaptation of the story, her eyes are blue.

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