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red potara passwords are the passwords that give your characters special abilities like more health bars

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Q: What are the red potara passwords?
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What is red potara in DBZ?

Red potara is a type of potara that makes your character super powerful, but is only accessible through a particular code

Where the red potara earrings?

Only the red potara characters can give them to you. You have to look up the codes and you can not put the earrings in another character. Hope it helped.

How powerful are red potara characters?

as powerfull as you wished

How many red potara characters can you have in dbz bt3?

14 at a time

What are the default passwords for Red Hat Enterprise Linux?

There are no default passwords. Passwords are specified by the administrator at installation.

How do you use red potara in world tour mode?

The answer is simply, you can't. You'd be winning everything if you could. >.<

What is a potara?

A potara is a pair of special earings in Dragon ball Z that are used to fuse.

Are potara stronger or fusion?

Fusion is stronger because when you use the potara you can't turn Super Sayain, but with fusion you can

Where you get the Red Potara Earings in DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 3?

Well you go on youtube and type in,How to unlock king cold in dragon ball z boudakai tenkaichi 3.Then you go at he way bottom of the page and click the two for the next page.You find the 3rd one and click it and pause it at every code.Write em down to!They have all the chractrs who can have them too!Thanx! re to ^ question i think he ment the red potara items not characters so you need a cheat device in other to get a red potara

What is red potara in dbz bt3?

A red potara charcter is a charcter that is boosted in everything and has a unfair advantage against the oppenent. - They have sturdy body (hard to stun) - Extremly strong - Extra 30,000 hp - most blast attacks do about 6 damage - Cant be guard crushed - Guard crushes make the oppenent lose a lot of ki - Extremly fast ki charge - auto ki and hp regeneration (gradually heals) These are the basic stats of a red potara. Extremly strong and a challenge for the skilled player. Lavan914

Which is stronger potara or fusion?


Can red potara characters evolve?

I dont think so but if they can tell me. lol I have the game for wii so im trying to know all I can.

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