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Q: What are the relatives to woodlouse?
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How does a woodlouse move?

a woodlouse crawls

What is Woodlouse skin?

a shell of a woodlouse is a skin

What do centipede eat?

woodlouse they eat woodlouse

Does a woodlouse have a shell?

no, a woodlouse has an exo-skeleton

Why are woodlouse named woodlouse?

Well it isn't really name a woodlouse the scientific name for it is dregonmss

What order does the woodlouse belong to?

Isopoda.[A woodlouse in NOT an insect]

How many parts does the woodlouse have?

I don't know. It depends what breed of woodlouse it is. But I can tell you there are over 3,500 species of woodlouse!

Does a woodlouse have a back bone?

NO! woodlouse dont thay are insects

Where do woodlouse love?

Why do you need to know that. also what is a woodlouse. Your descusting.

When was Woodlouse spider created?

Woodlouse spider was created in 1838.

Is a woodlouse a reptile?

No, a woodlouse is NOT a reptile. It is a stick insect; it does not have scales like a reptile.

How many legs does a woodlouse have?

woodlouse have 14 all connected legs

What id the Difference between woodlouse and centipede?

centipede eats woodlouse

What are the different between a blackbird and a woodlouse?

A blackbird is a bird. A woodlouse is an arthropod.

Is woodlouse a insect?

A woodlouse is a crustacean. It has a rigid, segmented, long exoskeleton.

What is the important fact about woodlouse.?

The important things about woodlouse is they don't have a backbone.

Is the woodlouse an amphibian?

its not

Can a Woodlouse kill you?


Would frogs eat woodlouse?

yes, a frog eats insects and woodlouse are insects

How many segments does a woodlouse have?

A woodlouse has six segments. Woodlouses can also be called slaters.

How can you tell a male to a female woodlouse?

Usually the male woodlouse is bigger than the female

Where does woodlouse live in?

woodlouse live under stones and pebbles near weeds and rotting plants.

Is woodlouse an insect?

A woodlouse is not an insect. It is a crustacean because it has 14 legs and is encased in a rigid shell.

What is a baby woodlouse called?

They could be called liceAnd then the big woodlouse would be called Woodlice

Can you find pale coloured plates on a woodlouse?

yes, you can find SOME pales on a woodlouse's underside.