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Ghost Adventures - 2008 The Galka Family 6-6 SUSPENDED was released on:

USA: 20 April 2012

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When was Galka Scheyer born?

Galka Scheyer was born in 1889.

What is the meaning of the word Galkin from Russian to English?

It is the family name. Probably from Russian 'galka' (a jackdaw).

What does the GK stand for in 'Ark Angel GK'?

The letters after 'Ark Angel' is for the creature's race. EV = Elvaan, HM = Hume, GK = Galka, MR = Mithra, TT = Tarutaru.

Will there be a season 6 of ghost adventures?

Yes, there was a season 6 for Ghost Adventures. Episode 1 featured the crew investigating the Shangai Tunnels in Portland, Oregon. Episode 2 features them in the Peabody-Whitehead Mansion in Denver, Colorado. Episode 3 features them investigating in the Copper Queen Hotel and the Oliver House in Bisbee, Arizona. Episode 4 features them investigating the National Hotel in Nevada City, California. Episode 5 features the crew returning to the Linda Visa Hospital. Episode 6 features the crew investigating the home of their paranormal gadget designer and investor; Gary Galka. Episode 7 features the Ghost Adventures crew investigating the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

What actors and actresses appeared in Doch partizana - 1936?

The cast of Doch partizana - 1936 includes: Mikhail Ivanov as Klim Gulya Korolyova as Vasilinka Yudik Obritchuk as Mishka Igor Romantsev as Stepan Galia Serlokovskaya as Galka

What actors and actresses appeared in Chastnyy sluchay - 1934?

The cast of Chastnyy sluchay - 1934 includes: Aleksandr Bryantsev as Professor Aborin Nikolay Kryuchkov as Andrey Zhurba Sofiya Magarill as Lyubov Aborina Aleksandr Melnikov as Sashko Nikolai Michurin as Timofey Zhurba Sergei Ponachevny as Levko Yevgeniya Pyryalova as Galka Oleg Zhakov as Assistant

What actors and actresses appeared in S koshki vsyo i nachalos - 1982?

The cast of S koshki vsyo i nachalos - 1982 includes: Seryozha Alekseyev as Slavik Galina Belozerova Anatoli Grachyov Rimma Markova Yuriy Nikolaev Alyosha Pospelov as Yura Tamara Reshetnikova Lyubov Rumyantseva Lena Shabalina as Galka Svetlana Sukhovej

What actors and actresses appeared in Sibiryaki - 1940?

The cast of Sibiryaki - 1940 includes: Andrey Fayt as Dr. Vasili Vasilievich Mikheil Gelovani as Josef Stalin Aleksandra Kharitonova as Valia Aleksandra Khokhlova as Pelagueia Sergey Komarov as Terentij Georgiy Millyar as Grandfather Jakov Dmitriy Orlov as Doshindon Aleksandr Pupko as Petja Mariya Vinogradova as Galka

What actors and actresses appeared in The Rebel Son - 1938?

The cast of The Rebel Son - 1938 includes: Harry Baur as Taras Bulba Anthony Bushell as Andrei Bulba Frederick Culley as Prince Zammitsky Joe Cunningham as Sachka Joan Gardner as Galka Leslie Guncler as Stable hand Stafford Hilliard as Stutterer Roger Livesey as Peter Bulba Bernard Miles as Polish Prisoner Patricia Roc as Marina Ann Wemyss as Selima

What actors and actresses appeared in Ischeznuvshie - 2009?

The cast of Ischeznuvshie - 2009 includes: Vladimir Bolshov as Commander deputy Svetlana Chuykina as Frosya Andrey Feskov as Bertolet Vladimir Kapustin as Partisan party commnander Vadim Kuvitsyn as One of Zyablikov brothers Vladislav Kuvitsyn as One of Zyablikov brothers Mitya Labush as Moshkin Elena Lyadova as Galka Ivan Parshin as Stepan Egor Pazenko as Gonta Kirill Pirogov as Toporkov Vladimir Tolokonnikov as Andreyev Pavel Trubiner as Syromyagin Mikhail Trukhin as Berkovich Aleksandr Vorobyov as Shirokov

What movie and television projects has Jacek Radzinski been in?

Jacek Radzinski has: Played Franek in "Zaklad" in 1990. Played Soldier in "Deszczowy zolnierz" in 1996. Played Zwis in "Na dobre i na zle" in 1999. Performed in "Ogniem i mieczem" in 1999. Played Man in "Gulczas, a jak myslisz..." in 2001. Played Elf in "Wiedzmin" in 2001. Played Elf in "Wiedzmin" in 2002. Played Eryk Gadzinski in "Fala zbrodni" in 2003. Played Marian in "Pogoda na jutro" in 2003. Played Galka in "Kryminalni" in 2004. Played Jacek Gierus in "Ojciec Mateusz" in 2008. Played Broda in "Ojciec Mateusz" in 2008. Performed in "Czas honoru" in 2008.

What actors and actresses appeared in Slomannyy svet - 1991?

The cast of Slomannyy svet - 1991 includes: Nina Antonova Larisa Belogurova as Galka Nikolai Denisov as Stasik Natalya Dikaryova Aleksandr Feklistov as Vadim Seva Gakkel as Seva Vera Glagoleva as Olga Svetlana Grudovich Lyudmila Gvozdikova as Lenkontsert director Gregory Hlady as Mark Yevdokimov Dmitry Khalyutin Arkadiy Koval as Steve Sergei Kuryokhin as Musician Nikolay Lavrov as Tolik Olga Obukhovskaya Farukh Ruzimatov as Ballet dancer Varvara Shabalina as Aunt Shura Svetlana Smirnova as Yulka Andrey Sokolov as Levushka Margarita Terekhova as Katyusha Nina Vinnichenko Igor Zolotovitskiy as Oleg

What movie and television projects has Larisa Belogurova been in?

Larisa Belogurova has: Performed in "Spokoystvie otmenyaetsya" in 1983. Played Olga in "Shestoy" in 1983. Performed in "Priklyucheniya malenkogo Muka" in 1983. Played Stella in "Volnyy veter" in 1983. Played Malika in "I eshchyo odna noch Shekherazady" in 1984. Performed in "Zakonnyy brak" in 1985. Performed in "Sudba printsessy" in 1985. Performed in "Byla ne byla" in 1986. Performed in "Proshchay, zelen leta..." in 1987. Performed in "Ostrov pogibshikh korabley" in 1987. Played Maria in "Otstupnik" in 1987. Performed in "Kumir" in 1988. Performed in "Piry Valtasara, ili noch so Stalinym" in 1989. Played Galka in "Slomannyy svet" in 1991. Played Nastja in "Geniy" in 1991. Performed in "Vostochnyy roman" in 1992.

What actors and actresses appeared in Tarass Boulba - 1936?

The cast of Tarass Boulba - 1936 includes: Paul Amiot as Prince Zamnitzky Harry Baur as Tarass Boulba Pauline Carton as La gouvernante Micheline Cheirel Janine Crispin as Galka Danielle Darrieux as Marina Eddy Debray as Un polonais Roger Duchesne as Ostap Boulba Ernest Ferny as Un Polonais Paul Forget as Un Polonais Nane Germon as Zelma Gustave Huberdeau as Un cosaque Pierre Larquey as Sachka Fernand Ledoux as Tovkatch Tony Murcie as Un cosaque Georges Paulais as Ibrahim Georges Saillard as Un cosaque Robert Seller as Un cosaque Madeleine Suffel Jean Toulout as Un cosaque Lucien Walter as Un cosaque

What actors and actresses appeared in Pesni nad Dneprom - 1958?

The cast of Pesni nad Dneprom - 1958 includes: Lyudmila Bilchenko as Herself (Czech dancer) Gleb Dranov as Himself (singer) Yuri Goncharenko as Himself (singer) Vasili Gromova as Himself (Czech dancer) Darya Khomenko as Herself (singer) Valentina Kotenko as Herself (singer) Ivan Kramarenko as Himself (singer) Vladimir Kuzmin as Himself (singer, duet) Yuri Lutziv as Himself (orchestra leader) Lidia Lyubyak as Herself (Czech dancer) Yevgenia Miroshnichenko as Herself (singer, duet) Anatoli Mokrenko as Himself (singer) Vassily Parzhin as Himself (dollmaker) Vladimir Perekupka as Himself (balalaika player) Nikolai Sokivko as Himself (choral director) Lyudmila Zdorenko as Herself (singing as Galka) Mikhail Zimmelstern as Himself (whistler)

What movie and television projects has Elena Lyadova been in?

Elena Lyadova has: Played Marina in "Soldatskiy dekameron" in 2005. Played Rimma in "Kosmos kak predchuvstvie" in 2005. Played Ksyusha in "Sobaka Pavlova" in 2005. Played Galina Koval (2007) in "Zaveshchanie Lenina" in 2007. Played Vera in "Izgnanie" in 2007. Played Nadya Lemesheva in "Lyubov na sene" in 2009. Played Friend in "Buben, baraban" in 2009. Played Lyubka in "Lyubka" in 2009. Played Galka in "Ischeznuvshie" in 2009. Played Grushenka in "Bratya Karamazovy" in 2009. Performed in "Krysa" in 2010. Played Maria Zakrevskaya in "Plen strasti" in 2010. Played Katerina in "Elena" in 2011. Played Klava Sintsova in "Ya dozhdus" in 2011. Performed in "Otryv" in 2012. Played Nadya in "Geograf globus propil" in 2013. Performed in "Pepel" in 2013. Played Irina Boyarova in "Vezuchaya" in 2013. Performed in "Leviafan" in 2014.

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Janine Crispin has: Played Katie in "La guerre des valses" in 1933. Played Marie de Ferstel in "Du haut en bas" in 1933. Performed in "Bariole" in 1934. Played Galka in "Tarass Boulba" in 1936. Played Marie in "Le secret de Polichinelle" in 1936. Played Dounia, sa fille in "Nostalgie" in 1938. Played Delta in "My Life with Caroline" in 1941. Played Marie in "The Constant Nymph" in 1943. Played Daughter in "Tonight We Raid Calais" in 1943. Played Berthe Servais in "Le bataillon du ciel" in 1947. Played Maryse in "Au grand balcon" in 1949. Played Mrs. Tinna in "Les bostoniennes" in 1962. Played Mme Chardon in "Illusions perdues" in 1966. Played Tante Louise in "Les Boussardel" in 1972. Played Dame Eliabel de Cressay in "Les rois maudits" in 1972. Played Mme Douglas in "Les Rosenberg ne doivent pas mourir" in 1975. Played Mme de Venel in "Mazarin" in 1978.

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Sabrina Rattey has: Played Cornelia Wetzel in "Polizeiruf 110" in 1971. Performed in "Polizeiruf 110" in 1971. Played Susanne Kelling in "Das Traumschiff" in 1981. Played Anna Hoelscher in "Wolffs Revier" in 1992. Played Gertie in "Der keusche Lebemann" in 1992. Played Luisa in "Die Wache" in 1994. Played Conny in "Heimatgeschichten" in 1994. Played Carola Reck in "Unser Charly" in 1995. Played Gitta Sievers in "Unser Charly" in 1995. Played Helen in "Alphateam - Die Lebensretter im OP" in 1997. Played Jessica in "Die Rettungsflieger" in 1997. Played Daisy in "Lexx" in 1997. Played Annafrid in "Die Schule am See" in 1997. Played Katharina Preissler in "In aller Freundschaft" in 1998. Played Jana Fiedler in "In aller Freundschaft" in 1998. Played Jessica Spiekermann in "Tod auf Amrum" in 1998. Played Hanka (lead) in "Der Laden" in 1998. Played Anke in "Einfach raus" in 1999. Played Susanne Velin geb. Lavergne in "Sturmzeit" in 1999. Played Myriam Plettner in "Klinikum Berlin Mitte - Leben in Bereitschaft" in 2000. Played Lisa Galka in "SOKO Leipzig" in 2001. Played Jenny Hofer in "Stefanie - Eine Frau startet durch" in 2004. Played Mona Milan in "Ninas Welt" in 2006. Played Juliane Jehner in "GSG 9 - Die Elite Einheit" in 2007. Played Karin in "Piacere Michele Imperatore" in 2008. Played Schwester Elvira in "Flemming" in 2009. Played German Civilian in "Inglourious Basterds" in 2009.

What movie and television projects has Evgeniya Dobrovolskaya been in?

Evgeniya Dobrovolskaya has: Played Olesya in "Kletka dlya kanareek" in 1983. Played Alla Skorokhodova in "Poka ne vypal sneg..." in 1984. Performed in "Kontrakt veka" in 1985. Performed in "V odnu-yedinstvennuyu zhizn" in 1986. Performed in "Moonzund" in 1987. Performed in "Filial" in 1988. Performed in "Zelyonyy ogon kozy" in 1989. Performed in "Pervyy etazh" in 1990. Performed in "Shchen iz sozvezdiya Gonchikh psov" in 1991. Performed in "Terroristka" in 1991. Performed in "Na tebya upovayu" in 1992. Performed in "Grekh" in 1992. Performed in "Muzhskoy zigzag" in 1992. Played Olga in "Missus" in 1993. Played Margot in "Koroleva Margo" in 1996. Performed in "Otrazheniye v zerkale" in 1997. Performed in "Krizis srednego vozrasta" in 1997. Played Lyuba in "Mekhanicheskaya syuita" in 2001. Played Sasha Somova in "Podozrenie" in 2001. Played Dasha in "Dnevnik kamikadze" in 2003. Played Galka in "Mars" in 2004. Played Masha in "32 dekabrya" in 2004. Played Mara in "Lovitor" in 2005. Played Varvara Vasilyevna in "Grecheskiye kanikuly" in 2005. Played The Chemist in "Sunduk predkov" in 2005. Played Anna in "Sluchaynyy poputchik" in 2006. Played Ella Yakusheva in "Schastye po retseptu" in 2006. Performed in "Bluz opadayushih listyev" in 2006. Played Anna Petrova in "Artistka" in 2007. Played Zinaida Morozova (2007) in "Savva Morozov" in 2007. Played Snegurochka in "Ironiya sudby. Prodolzhenie" in 2007. Performed in "Chempion" in 2008. Performed in "Realnyy papa" in 2008. Played Inna in "Snezhnyy angel" in 2008. Performed in "Mukha" in 2008. Performed in "Lyubov na ostrie nozha" in 2008. Played Nurse in "Pro Fedota-streltsa, udalogo molodtsa" in 2008. Performed in "Veselchaki" in 2009. Played Sonia in "Pechat Odinochestva" in 2009. Played Valentina in "Khrani menya, dozhd" in 2009. Performed in "Probka" in 2009. Played Manefa (2010) in "V lesakh i na gorakh" in 2010. Played Larisa in "Gromozeka" in 2011. Played Lyudmila Neresova (2011) in "Nemnogo ne v sebe" in 2011. Played Albina Koloskova in "Proshchaniye slavyanki" in 2011. Played Vanda Lisovich (2012) in "Belaya gvardiya" in 2012.

What movie and television projects has Andreas Nickl been in?

Andreas Nickl has: Played Amtsarzt in "Polizeiruf 110" in 1971. Played Heiko Wolfsen in "Der Landarzt" in 1987. Played Max Laumann in "Forsthaus Falkenau" in 1989. Played Tom in "Der Bergdoktor" in 1992. Played Die Vampire: Lumpi in "Der kleine Vampir - Neue Abenteuer" in 1993. Played Lumpi in "Der kleine Vampir - Neue Abenteuer" in 1993. Played Sputnik in "Wilde Jahre" in 1994. Played Dietmar Hamm in "Im Namen des Gesetzes" in 1994. Played Jakob Sonntag in "Zwei zum Verlieben" in 1995. Played Diddi Krabbe in "Wilsberg" in 1995. Played Booby Rupp in "Und keiner weint mir nach" in 1996. Played Heini in "Heimlichkeiten" in 1997. Played Viktor Schroth in "In aller Freundschaft" in 1998. Performed in "Doppelpack - Das Duell" in 1999. Played Benjamin in "Die Zauberfrau" in 1999. Played Martin Meier in "Einmal leben" in 2000. Played Arzt in "Abschnitt 40" in 2001. Played Georg Heller in "SOKO Leipzig" in 2001. Played Georg Thaller in "Hinterlassenschaften" in 2002. Played Harald Kull in "Die Rosenheim-Cops" in 2002. Played Ignaz Steinbichler in "Die Rosenheim-Cops" in 2002. Played Peter Martinek in "Die Rosenheim-Cops" in 2002. Played Rolf Galka in "SOKO Wismar" in 2004. Played Holzknecht Michl in "Bergkristall" in 2004. Played Gordian in "Apollonia" in 2005. Performed in "Commissario Laurenti" in 2006. Played Michael Brehm in "Der Kriminalist" in 2006. Played Vom Battallion 413 in "Die Flucht" in 2007. Played Schani in "Gipfelsturm" in 2007. Played Lechleitner in "Die Geschichte vom Brandner Kaspar" in 2008. Played Thomas Wieser in "Die Bergwacht" in 2009. Played Wilhelm Hoegner in "Hitler vor Gericht" in 2009. Played Hans Stehle in "Franzi" in 2009. Played Richard in "Der letzte Eremit" in 2010. Played Father in "Geschwister" in 2011. Played Thomas in "Opfer" in 2011. Played Sebastian in "Ameisen gehen andere Wege" in 2011. Played Wilhelm Hoegner in "Die Machtergreifung" in 2012. Played Peck in "Verratene Freunde" in 2013. Played Heinz in "Last Christmas" in 2013. Played Gerd Becker in "Lagerfeuer" in 2013.

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Naomi Snieckus has: Played Weather Girl in "1994" in 1994. Played Thelma in "The Immortal" in 2000. Played Aunt T in "Franklin" in 2001. Played Store Manager in "Degrassi: The Next Generation" in 2001. Played Melanie Romano in "The Dead Zone" in 2002. Played Victoria in "Train 48" in 2003. Played Angela Webb in "ReGenesis" in 2004. Played herself in "The Hour" in 2005. Played Herself - Panelist in "The Hour" in 2005. Played herself in "Punched Up" in 2006. Played Rose in "The Road to Christmas" in 2006. Played Betty in "Cradle of Lies" in 2006. Played Dance Teacher in "Little Mosque on the Prairie" in 2007. Played Marie Rauschenberg in "Everything Is Connected" in 2007. Played Woman in "The Jon Dore Television Show" in 2007. Played Receptionist in "The Border" in 2008. Performed in "Howie Do It" in 2008. Played Becky Cordell in "The Listener" in 2009. Played ODO in "Finding ODO" in 2009. Played (segment "Newfie Vampire") in "The Ron James Show" in 2009. Performed in "The Ron James Show" in 2009. Played Vair in "Being Erica" in 2009. Played Amanda in "The Dating Guy" in 2009. Played Elizabeth in "Happiness Is Hate Therapy" in 2010. Played Jane in "Above the Knee" in 2010. Played Herself - Winner (Best Female Improv) in "The 11th Annual Canadian Comedy Awards" in 2010. Played Perky Volunteer in "Haven" in 2010. Played Talent Agent in "Lost Girl" in 2010. Played Nina in "Saw 3D" in 2010. Performed in "Dino Dan" in 2010. Played Aunt T. in "Franklin and Friends I (1-26) Web: Pipe-O-Plunker" in 2011. Performed in "The Casting Room" in 2011. Played Aunt T. in "Franklin and Friends I (1-26) Web: Pogo Paws" in 2011. Played Jackie in "Boss of Me" in 2011. Played Mary in "Skins" in 2011. Played Charlene Hay in "Reel Love" in 2011. Played Caroline Westman in "Alphas" in 2011. Played Mrs.Hooper in "Life with Boys" in 2011. Played herself in "Katie Chats" in 2011. Played Samantha in "The Drunk and on Drugs Happy Funtime Hour" in 2011. Played Herself - as Impromptu Splendor in "The 12th Annual Canadian Comedy Awards" in 2011. Played Monica in "The Barrens" in 2012. Played Bobbi Galka in "Mr. D" in 2012. Played Dispatcher in "Cold Blooded" in 2012. Played Jennifer in "I, Martin Short, Goes Home" in 2012. Played Marge in "Fir Crazy" in 2013. Played Katie Martinson in "Twelve Trees of Christmas" in 2013. Performed in "Two 4 One" in 2014.

What actors and actresses appeared in Ghost Adventures - 2008?

The cast of Ghost Adventures - 2008 includes: Bryan Abel as Himself - Paranormal Expert Linda Agren as Herself - Interprete, La Purisima Chris Altherr as Himself - Manager, Jerome Grand Hotel Robert Andrade as Himself - General Manager. El Peublo de Los Angeles James Andrew Oster as himself Randy Arbogast as Himself - The Arizona Paranormal Research Society Alex Atreides as Herself - Eyewitness Zak Bagans as himself Zak Bagans as Judas Bill Baldini as Himself - News Correspondent Gordon Barth as Himself - Former Yorktown Memorial Employee Howard Beattie as Himself - Homeowner Gene Beeco as Himself - Owner, Moon River Debbie Bender as Herself - Eyewitness Robert Bess as himself Jessica Bollinger Miller as Prostitute Brooke Bowen as Herself - Eyewitness Ryan Brackett as Himself - Contractor Scott Brackett as Himself - Contractor John Brackett as Himself - Contractor Petra Bradt as Herself - Eyewitness Rachel Branch as Herself - Step Great Great Grandaughter of A.C. Houghton Candy Braniff as Herself - Owner Tim Brazeal as Tim Ken Brownlee as Himself - Contractor Gabriel Burrafato as Dean Martin Mickey Burrow as Himself - Paranormal Investigations Gary Cangey as Himself - Owner Enrique Cano as Reverend Quinn Michael Carrico as Himself - Lead Investigator, LVPI Johnny Cash as himself Jim Chaffee as Himself - Fire Chief (Retired), Psychiatric Hospital Gene Chakejian as Himself - Pennhurst Property Manager Bill Chappell as himself Bill Chappell as Himself - Inventor Bill Chappell as Himself - Paranormal Inventor Joey Chasteen as Himself - Ft. Chaffee Museum Coordinator Justin Cimock as Himself - Ghost Town Operations LeRoy Colomy as Himself - Manager, Bird Cage Theatre Debby Constantino as Herself - EVP Expert Debby Constantino as Herself - EVP Specialist Mark Constantino as Himself - EVP Expert Mark Constantino as Himself - EVP Specialist Mark Constantino as Himself - Paranormal Expert Staci Cox as Herself - Underground Tour Coordinator Sharon Coyle as Herself - Owner, Rolling Hills Asylum Tomas Cruz as Himself - Eyewitness Bob Curwen as Himself - Property Manager John Cushman as Himself - Ghost Town Operations Christian Day as Himself Warlock Dean Dougherty as Himself - Bird Cage Employee Nichole Drew as Prostitute Spotted Eagle as Himself - Paiute Indian Spirit Leader Lynly Ehrlich as Herself - Forensic Investigatons of Southern California Hauntings London Elise Moore as Sharon Tate Kate Feetham as Herself - Fort Erie Docent Rob Feinberg as Himself - Eyewitness Nova Fleury as Herself - Bird Cage Employee Judy Franklin as Herself - Eyewitness Dusty Fuqua as Himself - National Park Service Gary Galka as Himself - Equipment Engineer Douglas Gawoski as Inmate James Lucas Kim Giesy as Herself - Team Spectre Beverly Glynn as Herself - Paranormal Investigator Jamie Gold as himself Kevin Grose as Himself - Paranormal Investigator Scott Gruenwald as Himself - Paranormal Investigator Bobby Guerrero as Himself - Eyewitness Nathaniel Guest as Himself - Secretary of the Pennhurst Memorial Mike Haberman as himself Clay Hacker as Himself - Son of Contractor Dean Haglund as Himself - Host Layla Halfhill as herself Dwight Hall as Himself - Paranormal Investigator Tamara Heckle as Herself - Tour Guide Betty Hertzog as Herself - Plantation House Owner Robbin Howe as Herself - Paranormal Investigator Ty Izquierdo as Party Guest Jesse Jackson as himself Benjamin Joel Caron as Billy Clanton Peggy Julian as Herself - Former Cook Chris Keichler as Himself - Owner, Chollar Mine Jeff Kemp as Himself - President of The North Adams Masonic Assoc. Vickie Kinner as Herself - Harbor Area Paranormal Andrew Knaap as Himself - Eyewitness Bailey Kramer as Herself - Eyewitness Ruth Larrison as Herself - Gift Shop Employee Robin Leach as himself Daryl Learn as Himself - Fort Erie Docent Alan Levinson as Himself - Owner of Bonnie Springs Ranch Chad Lindberg as Himself - Celebrity Guest Hunter Wallie Luna as Himself - Las Vegas Paranormal Investigations Loretta Lynn as herself Bobby Mackey as himself Chris Mancuso as himself Nick Mantello as Himself - Mason Noel Marie Schermaier as Herself - Film Student Max Maternowkski as Himself - Guest Investigator Sarah McConnell as Herself - Eyewitness Alicia Mee as Herself - Eyewitness Rebecca Mendoza as Herself - 3AM Paranormal Lynn Merechka as Himself - Former Ft. Chaffee Prison Guard Lauri Mills as Mae Bailey Brit Morgan as herself Randy Mullinnex as Himself - Tour Guide Vince Neil as himself David Norriss as Himself - Plantation House Caretaker Janice Oberding as Herself - Author, The Ghosts of Goldfield Janice Oberding as Herself - Virginia City Historian David Oman as Him Self Ivy Owen as Himself - Director, Chaffee Crossing Mimi Page as herself Chas Pangburn as himself Shawn Peter as Himself - City of Sacramento Guide Briana Pietropaula as Herself - Eyewitness Gregory Pirmann as Himself - Former Pennhurst Employee Cristina Piva as Herself - Eyewitness Betty Potts as Herself - Former Pennhurst Patient Mark Rana as Heinrich Mahler Randy Ransford as Himself - Mason Glenda Raymond as Herself - Wolfe Manor Visitor Virginia Ridgeway as Herself - Eyewitness Red Roberts as himself Ed Robles as Himself - Security Director, El Peublo de Los Angeles Susannah Rominger as Herself - State Park Employee Tina Scalf as Herself - Paranormal Investigator Marco Scarse as Himself - Local Brystol Schultz as Herself - Eyewitness Syd Schultz II as Himself - Pasadena Paranormal Michael Scoggins as Himself - Eyewitness Callea Seck as Herself - Resident Paranormal Investigator Adrian Shawn Scalf as Himself - Paranormal Investigator Alden Sherman as Himself - Former Employee Christy Silva as Herself - Las Vegas Paranormal Investigations Sue Simpkins as Herself - State Park Employee Chanty Sok as Women on a date Kathryn Stark as Herself - Eyewitness Michael T Stewart as Frank Morris - Inmate Joe Tasso as Himself - Supervisor of Bonnie Springs Ranch Rolanda Teal as Herself - Anthropologist Karen Tep as Prostitute Kirsten Thorne as Herself - LA Paranormal Association Neil Tobin as himself Billy Tolley as himself Billy Tolley as Himself - EVP Analyst Billy Tolley as Himself - EVP Expert Billy Tolley as Himself - EVP Specialist Billy Tolley as Himself - Expert EVP Analyst Billy Tolley as Himself - GAC EVP Analyst Billy Tolley as Himself - Lead Investigator, PIMPS Carla Toptsidis as Herself - Eyewitness George Toptsidis as Himself - Eyewitness Marlena Treat as Herself - Eyewitness Steve Trousdale as Himself - Forensic Investigatons of Southern California Hauntings Rosendo Vela as Himself - Drilling Rig Transport Madame Vera as Herself - Resident Psychic Kevan Walden as Himself - Eyewitness Cassidy Wallner as Herself - Eyewitness Susan Wallner as Herself - Eyewitness Jay Wasley as himself Craig Wielkotz as Himself - Eyewitness Timothy Wyant Susie Yencer as Herself - Eyewitness John Zaffis as Himself - Paranormal Expert

What movie and television projects has Mariya Vinogradova been in?

Mariya Vinogradova has: Played Galka in "Sibiryaki" in 1940. Played Sonya in "My s Urala" in 1943. Played Nadja, a nursing aide in "Ostatni etap" in 1948. Performed in "Molodaya gvardiya" in 1948. Performed in "Nakhlebnik" in 1953. Performed in "Snegovik-pochtovik" in 1955. Performed in "Volnitsa" in 1956. Performed in "Chudesnyy kolodets" in 1956. Performed in "Zvyozdnyy malchik" in 1958. Performed in "Dobrovoltsy" in 1958. Performed in "Krasa nenaglyadnaya" in 1959. Performed in "Prostaya istoriya" in 1960. Played Khoroshavka in "Voskreseniye" in 1960. Played Muravyishka in "Muravyishka-khvastunishka" in 1961. Played Narrator in "Bolshie nepriyatnosti" in 1962. Played Tutti in "Tri tolstyaka" in 1963. Played Boxer Dog Handler in "Ya shagayu po Moskve" in 1964. Played Margarita Pavlovna in "Tridtsat tri (Nenauchnaya fantastika)" in 1965. Played Kolycheva in "Chyort s portfelem" in 1966. Performed in "Skazka o zolotom petushke" in 1967. Performed in "Parovozik iz Romashkova" in 1967. Played Mowgli in "Maugli. Pokhishchenie" in 1968. Performed in "V strane nevyuchennykh urokov" in 1969. Performed in "Doroga domoy" in 1969. Performed in "Trener" in 1969. Performed in "Byl-nebylitsa" in 1970. Performed in "Priklyucheniya Neznayki i ego druzey" in 1971. Played Little frog in "Pro chudaka lyagushonka" in 1972. Performed in "Kolya, Olya i Arkhimed" in 1972. Performed in "Avrora" in 1973. Performed in "Kroshka Enot" in 1974. Performed in "Volshebnik Izumrudnogo goroda" in 1974. Played Zoya in "Kalina krasnaya" in 1974. Played Ivan in "Konyok-gorbunok" in 1975. Performed in "Na kray sveta" in 1975. Played Masha in "Nasledstvo volshebnika Bakhrama" in 1975. Played Hedgehog in "Yozhik v tumane" in 1975. Performed in "Ptichka Tari" in 1976. Played Puppy in "Kotyonok po imeni Gav" in 1976. Played Sharik the Puppy in "Kotyonok po imeni Gav" in 1976. Played Pakonya in "Tryn-trava" in 1976. Performed in "Stoikiy olovyannyy soldatik" in 1976. Played Mikheyevna in "Poslednyaya zhertva" in 1977. Performed in "Sudba" in 1977. Performed in "Sluzhebnyy roman" in 1977. Performed in "Pyatachok" in 1977. Performed in "Beda" in 1977. Performed in "Rozygrysh" in 1977. Performed in "Pro Krasnuyu Shapochku" in 1977. Played Hare in "Ded Moroz i Seryy Volk" in 1978. Performed in "Priyezzhaya" in 1978. Played Uncle Fyodor in "Troe iz Prostokvashino" in 1978. Performed in "Lesnye skazki" in 1978. Performed in "Malchishki" in 1978. Performed in "Tryasina" in 1978. Played Cameo in "Garazh" in 1979. Performed in "Nedopesok Napoleon III" in 1979. Played Trader in "Primite telegrammu v dolg" in 1979. Played Uncle Fyodor in "Kanikuly v Prostokvashino" in 1980. Played Oache in "Maria, Mirabella" in 1981. Performed in "Damy priglashayut kavalerov" in 1981. Performed in "Ot zimy do zimy" in 1981. Performed in "Sueta suet" in 1981. Performed in "Nikudyshnaya" in 1982. Played Mother in "Grachi" in 1982. Played Mother in "Volshebnoe koltso" in 1982. Performed in "Ne bylo pechali" in 1982. Performed in "Moy drug zontik" in 1982. Played Margo in "Iz zhizni otdykhayushchikh" in 1982. Performed in "Ty moy vostorg, moyo muchenie..." in 1983. Performed in "Zdes tvoy front" in 1983. Performed in "Mirgorod i ego obitateli" in 1983. Played Mavra in "Myortvye dushi" in 1984. Performed in "Losyonok" in 1984. Performed in "Nayti i obezvredit" in 1984. Performed in "Ryabinovye nochi" in 1984. Performed in "Krem-bryule" in 1984. Performed in "Khochu, chtoby on prishyol" in 1984. Played Uncle Fyodor in "Zima v Prostokvashino" in 1984. Played Povarikha in "Skazka o tsare Saltane" in 1984. Performed in "Tretiy v pyatom ryadu" in 1984. Played Grandma in "Grazhdane vselennoy" in 1984. Performed in "Likha beda nachalo" in 1985. Performed in "Ostorozhno, Vasilyok" in 1985. Performed in "Dva bileta v Indiyu" in 1985. Performed in "Nezhdanno-negadanno" in 1985. Played Verochka in "Salon krasoty" in 1985. Played Grandma in "Solntse v karmane" in 1985. Performed in "Vremya svidaniy" in 1986. Performed in "Udivitelnaya nakhodka, ili samye obyknovennyye chudesa" in 1986. Performed in "Dorogoy Edison" in 1986. Performed in "Leto na pamyat" in 1987. Performed in "Ssuda na brak" in 1987. Performed in "Improvizatsiya na temu biografii" in 1987. Performed in "Smekh i gore u Bela morya" in 1987. Performed in "Pyat pisem proshchaniya" in 1988. Performed in "Volya vselennoy" in 1988. Performed in "Dvoe i odna" in 1988. Performed in "Kommentariy k prosheniyu o pomilovanii" in 1988. Played Sergeyevna in "Interdevochka" in 1989. Played Old wohman in "Dve strely. Detektiv kamennogo veka" in 1989. Performed in "Knyaz Udacha Andreevich" in 1989. Played Controller in "Avariya - doch menta" in 1989. Performed in "Pesn, navodyashchaya uzhas" in 1989. Performed in "Smirennoye kladbishche" in 1989. Played Praskovya Ivanovna in "Komitet Arkadiya Fomicha" in 1990. Performed in "Krylatyy, Mokhnatyy da Maslenyy" in 1990. Performed in "Shapka" in 1990. Performed in "Shakaly" in 1990. Played Emma Markovna in "Babochki" in 1991. Performed in "Nochnye zabavy" in 1991. Played Fedosia in "The Inner Circle" in 1991. Performed in "Anna Karamazoff" in 1991. Performed in "Volkodav" in 1991. Performed in "Igra na milliony" in 1991. Performed in "Nebesa obetovannye" in 1991. Performed in "Keshka i mag" in 1992. Played Grandma in "Azbuka lyubvi" in 1992. Performed in "Vozdushnye piraty" in 1992. Performed in "Tantsuyushchiye prizraki" in 1992. Played Old Woman in flat in "Gongofer" in 1992. Played Varvara in "Sam ya - vyatskiy urozhenets" in 1992. Performed in "Nash amerikanskiy Borya" in 1992. Performed in "Zaveshchaniye Stalina" in 1993. Played Tyotya in "Russkiy regtaym" in 1993. Performed in "Pistolet s glushitelem" in 1993. Performed in "Dikaya lyubov" in 1993. Played Old Lady in Gorky Park in "Police Academy: Mission to Moscow" in 1994. Played Annushka in "Master i Margarita" in 1994. Played Granny Dunia in "Zivot a neobycejna dobrodruzstvi vojaka Ivana Conkina" in 1994. Performed in "Hagi-Tragger" in 1994. Performed in "Domovik i kruzhevnitsa" in 1995. Performed in "Pionerka Meri Pikford" in 1996. Played Old Lady in Gorky Park in "Police Academy: Mission to Moscow - Underneath the Mission" in 2004.

What actors and actresses appeared in Kryminalni - 2004?

The cast of Kryminalni - 2004 includes: Dorota Abbe as Monika Smolinska Clair Agius as Maria Cavalieri Damian Aleksander as Szymon Skalski David Andrew as Fisherman Romuald Andrzej Klos as Hareda Michal Aniol as Zbigniew Moleda Katarzyna Anna Malolepsza as Receptionist Tamara Arciuch as Wanda Umanska Violetta Arlak as Teresa Miarkowicz Marcin Artecki Krzysztof Artur Janczar as Maciej Gabor TeDe as himself Pawel Audykowski as Psychaitrist Beata Augustyniak as Teacher Tomasz Augustynowicz as Doctor Naira Ayvazyan as Taisa Dominik Bak Piotr Bak as Buisnessman Miroslaw Baka as Mariusz Karlinski Stanislaw Banasiuk as Menager Marek Barbasiewicz as Mecenas Wyganski Artur Barcis as Mierzwa Adam Bauman as Leszek Orlicz Adam Biedrzycki as Policeman Bieniek Krzysztof Bien as Cholica Wojciech Billip as Nowacki Wojciech Blach as Policeman Olszowy Kamila Blachowska as Magda Monis Marcin Blaszak as Security Guard Robert Blonski as Krzysztof Przemyslaw Bluszcz as Tomasz Kasprzyk Filip Bobek as Piotr Konopka Katarzyna Boczek as Psycholog Lidia Bogacz as Miarkowa Malgorzata Bogdanska as Nika Lemanska Jacek Bonczyk as Tomasz Lipski Jacek Bonczyk as Witrazysta Anais Bondu as Kama Krawczyk Joanna Borer as Nowacka Jacek Borkowski as Tomecki Tomasz Borkowski as Wiktor Banach Piotr Borowski as Killer Aleksandra Bozek as Bozena Jerzy Braszka as Doctor Anna Brulinska as Grazyna Marzec January Brunov as Tomasz Smolinski Malgorzata Buczkowska as Agnieszka Jaroslaw Budnik as Wiktro Irecki Ewa Bukowska as Marta Pawel Burczyk as Witek Jacek Bursztynowicz as Krawczyk Karolina Buzar as Ewa Maslowska Radoslaw Chabowski as Karol Artur Chamski as Bartek Leon Charewicz as Sebastian Tulewicz Alina Chechelska as Woman Marta Chodorowska as Kasia Wojciech Chorazy as Janusz Grys Antonina Choroszy as Halina Krymska Maciej Chorzelski as Jacek Anna Chrostowska as Cashier in shop Paulina Chrusciel as Monika Czajka Beata Chruscinska as Secretary Ania Katarzyna Chrzanowska as Ela Spychowska Jaroslaw Ciesielski as Technician Rafal Cieszynski as Matt Pawel Ciolkosz as Janek Marcin Czarnik as Wojtek knopski Sambor Czarnota as Marcello Rossi Michal Czernecki as Tomasz Kmita Zofia Czerwinska as Wasiakowa Karl Czerwonka as Pomocnik kucharza Ireneusz Czop as Kaminski Maria Czubasiewicz Izabela Dabrowska as Krystyna Lorek Izabela Dabrowska as Rudzikowa Przemyslaw Dabrowski as Shammus Zenon Dadajewski as Professor Goczynski Rafal Dajbor as Sick in psychiatric Maciej Damiecki as Olszowski Renata Dancewicz as Joanna Rudnicka Andre De La Cruz Urszula Debska as Malgosia Urszula Debska as Student Tomasz Dedek as Karol Pawel Delag as Grzegorz Niwinski Anna Dereszowska as Actress Magda Michal Derlicki as Wiktor Kierzkowski Andrzej Deskur as Karol Rudzki Arkadiusz Detmer as Konrad Arkadiusz Detmer as Konrad Kosma Wojciech Dmochowski as Leszek Jawor Pawel Domagala as Artur Bolecki Renata Domagala as Nurse Cezary Domagala as Pomian Andrzej Dopierala as Officer Marcin Dorocinski as Aleksander Buchacz Kamil Drabik as Marcel Krzysztof Dracz as Kawecki Iwona Drejer as Daria Mariusz Drezek as Kacper Janiak Mariusz Drezek as Wlodek Lisiecki Karolina Dryzner as Ewa Mikosz Edyta Duda Katarzyna Dudzinska as Natalia Bednarz Wojciech Duryasz as Zakrzynski Barbara Dziekan as Maria Bielska Teresa Dzielska as Aneta Czerwinska Artur Dziurman as Pawel Nowacki Artur Dziurman as Pawelek Anna Eljasz as Ula Wesley Ellul as Harbour Gardian (2007 Ryszard Faron as Ruczaj Andrzej Ferenc as Andrzej Bonder Adam Ferency as Pathologist Maksymilian Opalinski Adam Ferency as Patolog Beata Fido as Rudzikowa Ryszard Filipski as Ryszard Grodzki Lena Frankiewicz as Ola Niwa Gabriela Frycz as Majka Piotr Furman as Robert Michal Gadomski as Rafal Katarzyna Gajdarska as Brunette Anna Gajewska as Justyna Malcolm Galea as Carlo Lukasz Garlicki as Marcin Kobaj Andrzej Gawronski Zanna Gierasimowa as Swietlana Slawomir Glazek as Staszewski Joanna Glen as Natalia Katarzyna Glinka as Klaudia Dorota Gorjainow as Izabela Turynska Urszula Gotowicka as Actress Adam Graczyk as Artek Jerzy Gralek as Jacek piecha Elzbieta Gruca as Cleaner Slawomir Grzymkowski as Grzegorz Maria Gudejko as Eliza Olin Gutowski as Marcin Michalski Ngoc Hai Bui as Wu Lang Miroslaw Haniszewski as Topor Radoslaw Hebal as Robert Poreba Edyta Herbus as Ada Panas Edyta Herbus as Waiters Katarzyna Herman as Marta Katarzyna Herman as Marta Lipska Slawomir Holland Slawomir Holland as Pomian Paulina Holtz as Katarzyna Kobielska Ewa Hornich as Anna Szenert Andrzej Hudziak as Vadim Grinko Cezary Iber as Maciej Cieply Joanna Ignaczewska as Nurse Agnieszka Norbert Ignasiak as Daniel Kaszubski Natalia Iszczenko as Dorotka Gawin Daria Iwan as Jagoda Linder Joanna Jablczynska as Ula Fiszer Arkadiusz Jakubik as Majdanski Dariusz Jakubowski as Wiktor Makowiec Krzysztof Janczar as Krzysztof Arkadiusz Janiczek as Roman Wardecki Jan Jankowski as Gabriel Pasik Cezary Jankowski as Guard Robert Jarocinski as Harcerz Elzbieta Jarosik as Jadwiga Bielikowa - sklepowa Monika Jarosinska as Kaska Mariusz Jarosinski as Iwo Borys Jaznicki as Director Solange Jeanne Mifsud as Girl Piotr Jedrzejek as Robert Aleksandra Justa as Anna Bankowska Sylwia Juszczak as Julia Malecka Klaudia Kaca as Anka Olech Przemyslaw Kaczynski as Slawomir Palys Diana Kadlubowska as Ilona Ziarnecka Ewa Kaim as Lidia Wysocka Radoslaw Kaim as Strazak z karczewa (epizode 11) Marek Kalita as Karol Bortel Bogdan Kalus Elzbieta Kaminska Emilian Kaminski as Lukasz Mader Pawel Kaminski as Student Ewa Kania as Maria Bridecka Ewa Kania as Maria Brodecka Tomasz Karolak as Starszy aspirant Szczepan Zaloda Tomasz Karolak as Szczepan Zaloda Zbigniew Kasprzyk as Czubak Klaudiusz Kaufmann as Father Marek Kepinski as Emil Bernard Kierat as Rafal Grzegorz Klein as Joker Maria Klejdysz as Old Lady Marta Klubowicz as Kawecka Dominika Kluzniak as Agnieszka Kaminska Redbad Klynstra as Miron Jan Kochanowski as Bonecki Anna Kociarz as Anita Violetta Kolakowska as Podkomisarz Olga Krzysztof Kolbasiuk as Jacek Krymski Emilia Komarnicka as Marta Elzbieta Komorowska as Policewoman Lukasz Konopka as Jerzy Nowak Andrzej Konopka as Worker Sebastian Konrad as Marczak Jacek Kopczynski as Blazej Jaskula Grazyna Kopec as Kinga Dariusz Kordek as Damian Anna Kordus as Mika Szafranska Jakub Kornacki as Waldi Mateusz Kosciukiewicz as Norbert Robert Koszucki as Marcel Tomasz Kot as Komisarz Andrzej Grudzinski Jakub Kotynski as Sebastian Wujec Maria Kowalik as Inez Lewinski Tomasz Kozlowicz as Rafal Szostak Piotr Kozlowski Piotr Kozlowski as Technic Malgorzata Kozuchowska as Natalia Orlowska Artur Krajewski as Sergiusz Bujak Bartlomiej Krat as Wojciech Sierak Adam Krawczuk Mikolaj Krawczyk as Kordian Pienkowski Marcin Krawczyk as Reporter Marian Krawczyk as Stefan Lewinski Kamil Krawczykowski as Lesio Artur Kruczek as Andrzej Julia Krynke as Anna Rybik Jerzy Kryszak as Jarus Roksana Krzeminska as Beata Weronika Ksiazkiewicz as Kinga Tomaszko Boguslaw Kudlek as Zbyszek Rawik Katarzyna Kulik as Iwona Karina Kunkiewicz as Agata Joanna Kupinska as Iza Szymon Kusmider as Bator Ewa Kutynia as Aspirant Zuzia Ostrowska Marcin Kuzminski as Komisarz Mikolaj Kwiecien Andrzej Kwiatkowski as Commandant Halina Labonarska as Ewa Kubicz Laura Lacz as Kidnapped Woman Janusz Lagodzinski Joachim Lamza as Cichy Dorota Landowska as Wisniewska Jacek Lasok as Policeman Mateusz Lasowski as Ludwik Pawel Lawrynowicz as Grzesiek Alzbeta Lenska as Julia Wierzbicka Michal Lesien as Radek Linder Roman Leus as Michaljo Marek Lewandowski as Relewicki Michal Lewandowski as Suchy Malgorzata Lewinska as Tereska Leszek Lichota as Arkadiusz Lasecki Piotr Ligienza as Eryk Dorota Liliental as Chlicowa Malgorzata Lipmann as Agnieszka Joanna Liszowska as Iza Ewa Lorska as Jagoda Lech Lotocki as Leszek Lidia Lubinska as Niedzwiedzica Eryk Lubos as Roman Kleszcz Beatrycze Lukaszewska as Woman in car Wojciech Machnicki as Waldemar Czereda Lech Mackiewicz as Mateusz Bartnik Kamil Mackowiak as Jacek Dumicz Aleksandra Maj as Barmaid Maria Maj as Krystyna Anna Majcher as Pawelczykowa Piotr Makarski as Waclaw Pawlik Maciej Makowski as Mirek Grzegorz Malecki as Artur Werner Marta Malinowska as Karolina Cieplik Eugeniusz Malinowski as Zaku Agnieszka Maliszewska as Teacher Michal Marciniak as Krystek Magda Margulewicz as Anna Kmita Magda Margulewicz as Barmaid Konrad Marszalek as Maciej Rejko Lukasz Matecki Katarzyna Maternowska as Alicja Pachman Jan Mayzel as Attorney Magdalena Mazur as Anna Pawlicka Kazimierz Mazur as Beben Wojciech Mecwaldowski as Cezary Walerczak Wojciech Medynski as Szantazysta Piotr Miazga as Patryk Agnieszka Michalska as Nurse Maria Mielnikow as Grazyna Moleda Aleksander Mikolajczak as Czaja Jacek Mikolajczak as Dominik Galecki Maciej Mikolajczyk as Damian Stanislaw Mikulski as Jan Zawada Olga Milaszewska as Kurator Agnieszka Mirowska as Ilona Krawczyk Andrzej Mlynarczyk as Daniel Zarzycki Adam Mlynarczyk as Waiter Przemyslaw Modliszewski as Prisoner Jerzy Moes as Robert Werner Mieczyslaw Moranski as Wiktor Bartlomiej Morawski as Recepcionist Zbigniew Moskal as Zenek Karolina Muszalak as Sandra Zacharjasz Muszynski as Irek Malgorzata Neumann as Lidia Porebska Wanda Neumann as Wanda Zielnik Aleksandra Niespielak as Maja Maria Niklinska as Magda Dominik Nowak as Kubus Karolina Nowakowska as Barmaid Marek Nowakowski as Kupiec Pawel Nowisz as Zygmunt Walkiewicz Waldemar Obloza as Marcin Zimecki Bartosz Obuchowicz as Karol Moleda Krzysztof Ogloza as Robert Rejko Rafal Olbrychski as Artur Szarawski Daniel Olbrychski as Krzysztof Brodecki Robert Olech as Andrzej Robert Olech as Andrzej Zielnik Tomasz Olejarczyk as Doctor Pawel Orleanski as Wiktor Karczynski Aldona Orman as Danuta Mikolaj Osinski as Jucha Mikolaj Osinski as Lolo Dominika Ostalowska as Magda Leszczynska Robert Ostolski as Patolog Antoni Ostrouch as Mirek Tabor Antoni Ostrouch as Pawel Malek Ilona Ostrowska as Skorupska Ewa Pajak as Urszula Katia Paliwoda Dorota Papis as Ewa Jakub Papuga as Witecki Katarzyna Paskuda as Ola Paprocka Matylda Paszczenko as Magda Gawin Zbigniew Paterak as Stefan Kozicki Konrad Pawicki as Roman Sebastian Pawlak as Artur Antoni Pawlicki as Pawel Kalina Pawlukiewicz as Girl Jan Peczek as Andrzej Moryto Marcin Perchuc as Tymoteusz Siezierski Martyna Peszko as Tamara Olecka Tomasz Piatkowski as Jacek Malicki Bartosz Picher as Tomek Czerny Andzelika Piechowiak as Dancer Roksana Malgorzata Pieczynska as Anna Bonder Andrzej Pieczynski as Euzebiusz Baranski Michal Piela as Golik Agnieszka Pilaszewska as Joanna Leszek Piskorz as Wieslaw Mikosz Lukasz Ploszajski as Wisior Jacek Pluta as Bodyguard Tomasz Podsiadly as Janusz Joanna Pokojska as Malina Wojciech Pokora as Actor Winski Artur Pontek Artur Pontek as Crimminal Painter Artur Pontek as Rysownik Stefan Popkowski as Lukasz Czereda Radoslaw Poplonikowski as Man in the Car Andrzej Precigs as Roman Kartecki Piotr Pregowski as Walczak Kinga Preis as Teresa Wlodzimierz Press Pawel Prokopczuk as Kamil Agata Pruchniewska as Wife Anna Prus as Justyna Jakub Przebindowski as Waclaw Olsza Grzegorz Przybyl as Kisiel Anna Przybylska as Edyta Kielis Krzysztof Pyziak as Maczek Jacek Radzinski as Galka Milogost Reczek as Robert Jacek Reda Jacek Reda as Technic Jacek Reda as Technician Piotr Rekawik as Krzysztof Dudzik Magdalena Rembacz as Agnieszka Dworska Krzysztof Respondek as Lukasz Strzelecki Marek Richter as Andrzej Korczyk Maciej Robakiewicz as Jacek Wozniak Marcin Rogacewicz as Komisarz Michal Adamski Maksymilian Rogacki as Marcin Weronika Rosati as Ania Lis Jacek Rozenek as Mariusz Malgorzata Rozniatowska as Michalska Modest Rucinski as Olaf Gawin Malgorzata Rudzka as Iwona Bartnik Rafal Rutkowski as Tomasz Leyman Natalia Rybicka as Girl Agata Rzeszewska Mariusz Sabiniewicz as Negotiator Zbyszek Malgorzata Sadowska as Secretary Przemyslaw Sadowski as Artur Zimak Wujek Samo Zlo as Raper Sandra Samos as Patty Anna Samusionek as Dorota Mariusz Saniternik as Lapka Anna Sarna as Ewa Wardecka Magdalena Schejbal as Barbara Storosz Magdalena Schejbal as Komisarz Barbara Storosz Magdalena Schejbal as Podkomisarz Barbara Storosz Beata Schimscheiner as Adrianna Marta Scislowicz as Magda Marek Serafin as Guard Ewa Serwa as Psychologist Iwona Siemieniuk Adam Siemion as Adrian Kubis Justyna Sieniawska as Alina Lukasz Simlat as Bakowski Marek Siudym as Pienkowski Piotr Siwkiewicz as Robert Piotr Siwkiewicz as Robert Laszuk Wojciech Skibinski as Janiszek Katarzyna Skoniecka as Secretary Mariusz Sliwinski as Technician Agnieszka Sniezynska as Joanna Rejko Jakub Snochowski as Maciek Tomasz Sobczak as Doctor Grzegorz Sobota as Andrzej Radwan Malgorzata Socha as Magda Patrycja Soliman as Kasia Moryto Katarzyna Sowinska as Model Magda Michal Sputo as Officer Grzegorz Stelmaszewski as Bogdan Garus Artur Steranko as Owner Zbigniew Stryj as Erwin Zych Magdalena Stuzynska as Daria Brzozek Jacek Sut as Tachnik kryminalistyczny Bartlomiej Swiderski as Dominik Czerny Joanna Sydor as Ola Ochman - Model Karina Szafranska as Bozowska Feliks Szajnert as Kiciu Rafal Szalajko as Krystian Malecki Maciej Szary as Highschool menager Krzysztof Szczygiel as Driver of Mercedes Piotr Szekowski as Commander Ksawery Szlenkier as Reporter Agnieszka Sztuk as Ewa Irecka Pawel Szwed Pawel Szwed as Shop Assistant Janusz Szydlowski as Roman Spychowski Natalia Szygula Ewa Szykulska as Nina Wysocka Robert Talarczyk as Joachim Budny Michal Tarkowski as Bogdan Warski Katarzyna Tatarak as Nurse Przemyslaw Tejkowski as Rybarczyk Dariusz Toczek as Jarek Aneta Todorczuk as Joanna Smolar Edyta Torhan Pawel Tucholski as Priest Joanna Turkowska as Elzbieta Jawor Brygida Turowska as Doctor Brygida Turowska as Doctor Ewa Bartosz Turzynski as Damian Kuzmin Jakub Ulewicz as Policeman Suzanna von Nathusius as Girl Michelle von Nathusius as Monika Agnieszka Wagner as Dr.Karina Magdalena Walach as Ewelina Opalinska Agnieszka Warchulska as Wanda Pasik Agnieszka Wawrzkiewicz as Anna Matusiak Anna Wendzikowska as Monika Robert Wieckiewicz as Profesor Krystian Wieczorek as Nowaczek Jakub Wieczorek as Robert Marcin Wiercichowski as Karol Wozniak Anna Wilczewska as Kaja Marta Wisniewska as Justyna Walczak Joanna Wisniewska as Recepcionist Marek Wlodarczyk as Adam Zawada Michal Wlodarczyk as Boy in Praga Marek Wlodarczyk as Inspektor Adam Zawada Marek Wlodarczyk as Komisarz Adam Zawada Agnieszka Wlodarczyk as Litycka Marcin Wlodarski as Jarek Lewicki Dariusz Wnuk as Lukasz Anna Wodzynska Krzysztof Wojciulewicz as Security guard Grzegorz Wojdon as Dominik Bela Maciej Wojdyla as Kamil Aleksandra Wojtysiak as Girl Adam Woronowicz as Janusz Szlaka Agnieszka Wosinska as Ewa Dobiecka Aleksandra Wozniak as Weronika Bronislaw Wroclawski as Kucharski Ilona Wronska as Grazyna Rolicka Robert Wrzosek as Bolo Robert Wrzosek as Michas Aleksander Wysocki as Strzelczyk Marcin Zacharzewski as Tomek Gawronski Katarzyna Zak as Komisarz Aldona Struzik Maciej Zakoscielny as Podkomisarz Marek Brodecki Agata Zalecka as Sabina Antonisz Krzysztof Zaleski as Rotger Monika Zalewska as Reporter Dawid Zawadzki as Stalik Wiktor Zborowski as Witold Miroslaw Zbrojewicz Leszek Zdun as Dr. Mariusz Szajny Hubert Zduniak as Konrad Nadolski Marek Zeranski as Tomasz Wilk Marta Zieba as Aneta Ptasznik Grazyna Zielinska as Piechowa Marta Zmuda Trzebiatowska as Jagoda Dobron Marieta Zukowska as Monika Michal Zurawski as Krzysztof Mrowinski Artur Zwarycz as Tkacz Marta Zygadlo as Komisarz Paulina Wardecka Marta Zygadlo as Milena

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