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Mad - 2010 Are You Karate Kidding Me The Fresh Prawn of Bel-Air 1-18 was released on:

USA: 14 March 2011

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Who invented nylon tights?

the fresh prince of belair

How long did the Fresh Prince of BelAir run?

will smith was known as the fresh prince i hope that answers your Q Fresh Prince of BelAir ran from 1990-1996 (I know all useless stuff aobut this show haha)

How did Will Smith get the name the fresh prince?

because he was the star in the tv show the fresh prince of belair

Is there going to fresh prince of bel air reunion?

A nah dah case. Fresh Prince of Belair is the stuff.

What is Princeton University known for?

carlton from fresh prince of belair wanted to go to it

When was the first prince of belair aired?

the fresh prince of Bel air debuted in 1990.

What has Will Smith done?

rapper, fresh prince of belair,men in black, independence day, hancock

How did Jada Pinkett Smith become famous?

Fresh prince of belair .... that's where she met Will Smith!

Where can you watch the fresh prince of belair?

Viva (on Sky it's 357) or MTV and MTV+1

Was will smith's son in the fresh prince of belair?

He wasn't even born at the time will smith was a teen at the time.

Who are the characters in the fresh prince of belair?

will uncle phil aunt vivian jeffrey carlton nicky hilary ashley

What year did the fresh prince of belair end?

1996. It ran from Sept. 10, 1990-May 20, 1996.

Who else sings it's not unusual to be loved by anyone?

Calton Banks, from The Fresh Prince of BelAir. Tom Jones

Who was the cab driver on fresh prince of belair?

The cab driver in the opening credits is Quincy Jones, the executive producer on the show.

What is the origin of the name Carlton?

{man voice} it cums from chicken poo! jk! it comes from the fresh prince of belair!~* luv Memwea HEnray!~*

When did Jada pinkett and will smith start dating?

They meet in 1995 when she auditioned for Fresh Prince of Belair show, got engaged in 1997... The rest is history.

What was fresh prince of belair about?

Its about will smith who comes from the "hood" and moves to bel-air its on nick at nite almost every nite everyday of the week. if u want to watch it.

How much residual income does Will Smith make on reruns of fresh Prince of belair?

The amount Will Smith makes as residual income from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air has not been made public. Smith's total estimated net worth is reported to be $215 million.

What was will smith's first job?

Right after highschool he planned on going to college but decided to rap with DJ Jazzy Jeff where a TV director saw him and offered him a job to play "Will" in "The fresh prince of Belair"

Who are the actors in the oasis legal commercials?

His name is Christopher Michael or Steven Ruza. I think it is Christopher Michael though. He played in 7th heaven , fresh prince of belair and new jack city to name a few.

How long do fresh beans last?

kasing tagal na pag tanggal ng ngipin mo. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! just kidding..............;)

What are salt water systems?

when the calibrated fluxer snaps the fresh water system turns into a salt water system totally kidding it is when you dump a bucket of salt into a fresh water system nothing to do with the fluxer or dynamic thrust

Did Will Smith go to college?

No he didn't. he planned to go and he was going to study science. but he began rapping with DJ Jazzy Jeff and decided not to go any more. he then was spotted by a TV director and was asked to be in the TV sitcom THE FRESH PRINCE OF BELAIR.

Where can you get water?

You get water after going on a large journey through caves with Pokemon on steroids and 1 million sharp flying objects. Then you get out of the cave and find the hidden sword to slay the drunk Pokemon master summoning the but pirates with their butt blades. After you beat them you go to the ocean and the water will be fresh. So be fresh back like th Fresh Prince Of BelAir is and then go home and use the sink. And that my friend is how you use water!

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