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Maisy - 1999 Breakfast Doctor Duckling Swimming was released on:

USA: 13 March 2000

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What happens to a splint if you go swimming with it on?

If they have a splint on they should not go swimming in the firstplace. If they havent been to a doctor they need to go and if they have and the doctor splint it they should be resting not swimming.

Can you go swimming after getting a wart frozen?

I just got my wart frozen and my doctor said no swimming, I had to get a school exucuse so NO NO SWIMMING

What are Dilation and curretage rules on swimming?

You must ask the doctor who did the D&C for advise about this.

What does Doctor Who have?

The Doctor has a sonic screwdriver, TARDIS, companions, age, intelligence, a swimming pool, a library, a wardrobe, and cool clothes. (To name a few).

What are the living things that start with the letter D?

· dad · daffodil · daisy · dandelion · daughter · deacon · deer · doctor · dog · dolphin · donkey · dove · duchess · duck · duckling

When can you go swimming in a swimming pool after you get your nosed pierced?

Yes, that's fine but if the water starts to irritate your nose then i believe you should see a doctor right away!

How long do you have to wait to go swimming in a pool after you get your nose pierced and Swimming for less than an hour every weekday?

That would be determined by your doctor. Not a good idea to swim as you can get an infection.

What is good breakfast?

a healthy breakfast would be chocolate milk. and simply eggs. also you need to get that protein in so eat low fat hammcakes (made in switzlandia) -Doctor MH bruce bronzkii

What are the release dates for Doctor to Doctor - 2006?

Doctor to Doctor - 2006 was released on: USA: 2 March 2006

What are some occupations that use pH testing?

a swimming pool professionalChemist, biologist, geologist, doctor

Why is your beta swimming under the rocks and getting stuck?

it is sick and needs to be checked up by the doctor ASAP!

Can a saltwater swimming pool cause itching?

Some people are more sensitive than others. Talk to your doctor.

Can you go swimming with head lice?

i had nits in my hair about a week ago. i did not have actual living lice the eggs never hatched and i went swimming a week later after the head lice treatmeant. and i would say that you can go swimming. maybe call a doctor or the publix nurse.

What are the release dates for Doctor Who The Forgotten Doctor - 2013?

Doctor Who The Forgotten Doctor - 2013 was released on: USA: 28 May 2013 (internet)

Can pregnant people get in a swimming pool?

Pregnant women can go swimming in well-maintained pools throughout their pregnancy. Some doctors recommend stopping during the last few weeks. Check in with your doctor.

How long should you wait to go swimming in a pool after ankle surgery?

depends on how it feels, if you can walk on it, and if you mean serious swimming. but if i was you i would ask your doctor or GP next time you see them. hope this helps :)

Why do you feel sick after eating breakfast?

You should consult with your doctor o this issue as there can be many illnesses related to this particular range of symptoms.

What are the release dates for Doctor Doctor - 1989 Bachelor Doctor 2-4?

Doctor Doctor - 1989 Bachelor Doctor 2-4 was released on: USA: 4 December 1989

What are the release dates for Doctor Doctor - 1989?

Doctor Doctor - 1989 was released on: USA: 12 June 1989 France: 27 May 2002

What is the DVD release date for Doctor Who season 7?

In the US -Doctor Who: Series Seven - Part One had a DVD release date of November 13, 2012 . Doctor Who : Series Seven - Part Two has an upcoming US release date of May 28, 2013 . In the UK - Doctor Who : Series Seven - Part Two has a UK release date of May 20, 2013 .

What movie and television projects has Kathleen McGrath been in?

Kathleen McGrath has: Performed in "Monster in the Closet" in 1986. Played Herself - Guest Expert in "The Wright Stuff" in 2000. Played Herself - Sleep Therapist in "Breakfast" in 2000. Played Herself - Sleep Nurse in "Breakfast" in 2000. Played Herself - Sleep Expert in "Doctor, Doctor" in 2005.

Why does it hurt when you urinate after swimming in saline pool?

you most likely have an infection or something much worse. See your doctor NOW..

Your pee hurts after you went swimming?

I have had the same problem my whole life. You might be allergic to chorine or something. Talk to your doctor about it.

Is it safe to go swimming when you've recently had a c-section?

Depends on what your doctor tells you and on how fast the incisions are healing

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