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The New Price Is Right - 1972 - 18.79 was released on:

USA: 15 January 1990


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in the year 1879. Sorry to not give exact dates, but everything I've looked up only says 1879... 1879... 1879. Sorry! :(

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Answer: 1879 mi. = 3023.957 km

An 1879 "Silver Dollar" is a Morgan dollar.

The actual value depends on the spot price of silver at time of sale, as of 10:00 am 12-20-10 spot price is $29.15 so the Melt Value for the coin is $22.54

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Purim was on Sunday, March 9, 1879 (Shushan Purim was on Monday March 10)

The FA cup winners in 1879 were Old Etonians in England.

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