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The New Price Is Right - 1972 - 18.80 was released on:

USA: 16 January 1990


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The average price of a barrel of crude oil in 1880 was 94 cents.

The price for barbed wire in 1880 was about 11.95 for about 250 yards. The price for barbed wire in 1880 was about 11.95 for about 250 yards.

The price of gasoline in the year of 1880 was about $.95 per barrel. In comparison, in 2007, the price was over $72 per barrel.

William Evan Price died in 1880.

Hereward Thimbleby Price was born in 1880.

Nancy Price was born on 1880-02-03.

Heritage Civilization and the Jews - 1984 Into the Future 1880-1990s 1-9 was released on: USA: 1984

That depends on the denomination of the coin.

Black people got the right to vote.

With a very low mintage, an MS-66 grade (very fine) 1880 shield nickel is now (5/09) on eBay with a sell price of $1400. Obviously a lower grade coin would be offered for less, and in higher grades the price would rise very quickly. The shield nickel series is not as popular as the Buffalo, so even with lower mintages the demand (and so the price) for particular dates is not as high.

In 1880 in New York City, rented rooms varied in price. The cheapest weekly rate was $1 dollar a week.

There different rates of different dirt bike the starting price is 850$-1880$.

Post it for sale on eBay. List it at a reasonable price and it will sell.


Between $4.75 and $310 depending on condition. View the source link below for the price table value of this 1880 Indian Head Cent based on it's condition.

By 1880, for example, most states granted a woman the right to hold property independent of her husband, and several state and private colleges admitted women.

1968-1880 is equal to 88.

The price of a very fine silver coin is cca. 35 US $.See this link.

Price Tag is important because since the 1880's almost all the merchants, shops are cheaters Johnny Wanamaker the maker of the Price Tag eventually realize that without Price Tag the shops or merchants would still do the cheating style.

=First Car was called the " Ford T. Model " Created by a Ford very first founder.==It was 1880's when it was released. The price was around $800 or ranging price to $100 - $800.=

There were no dishwashers in 1880.

Yes, 1880 is divisible by 8. 1880 divided by 8 = 235.

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