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The New Price Is Right - 1972 - 18.85 was released on:

USA: 23 January 1990


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The Bold and the Beautiful - 1987 1-1885 was released on: USA: 3 October 1994

This range of dates involves more than 100 coins. Many on-line and printed price guides exist.

June.3, 1885. right after the battle/skirmish at Loon Lake . (which was also on June 3, 1885)

Its price will vary with the price of gold, but as of 08/2008 an 1885 $5 U.S. gold piece in AU condition retails for about $335.


August 25, 1885. Laura remembered this, and wrote of it several times, as "Thursday, August 25th, 1885", but August 25, 1885 was a Tuesday, as any almanac will verify. But, she also remembered there being a full moon on her wedding night. - yes, there was, she was right about that - there was indeed a full moon on August 25, 1885.

The cost of a First Class US postage stamp in 1903 was 2 cents. It was set at this rate in July of 1885. It stayed at that price until November 1917.

He is credited with building the first gasoline powered vehicle in 1885-1886.

10 cents was the admission price. See photo of Buffalo Bill, Manager Nate Salisbury at ticket booth in 1885 by clicking on related link.

All member nations would have the right to establish trade in the congo

All member nations would have the right to establish trade in the congo.

part 1: 1955 part 2: 2015 and 1985 part 3: 1885

Were we born in 1885? Didn't think so. Were we born in 1885? Didn't think so.

Rs.1885 (22K/1Grm) Rs.15080 (22K/8Grms) (24-January-2011)

According to the PCGS Price Guide, which is available free online, Its value is $900.00.

its a 1885 confoederatio helvetica 20 fr

what is the value of a 1885 canadian penny

There were 28 days in February 1885.

May 9th, 1885 fell on a Saturday.

All member nations would have the right to establish trade in the congo<----novanet

The Canadian Pacific Railway was being built from 1881-1885. When the railway was usable, it was 1886.

A person born in 1885 and still alive will, on his birthday this year, turn (2009 - 1885) = 124

£1.00 in 1885 is now £119.74 in 2017 or $100.00 in 1885 is $2367.40 in 2017. That is 2.46% per year

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