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You should call the company that the car was finaniced through. They should have given you a number to call so you could schedule a pick up for your personal belongings. They should not of sold the car with your items in it. I would call the loan company and ask them where you things are and what they are going to do for you now that your things are gone.

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What if your vehicle was repossessed but you never received a repossession letter what do you do?

Repossession letters are not required in every state. In some states, face to face notification of the repossession suffices, and when the driver came to hook up your car, if you had a conversation with him at all (even if it consisted of you yelling "Hey!" and him gesturing to you) you received notice.

What if you did not receive a notice in the state of California after your car was repossessed?

HelP my carwS repo theynever sent me anything I lied bk paid the payments for a years Teri thought it was paid for they repo it then never called and never sentme anything after why how can they do that

Can your car be repossessed if you bought it from a dealership but never received a contract?

I really cant answer that, but in my opinion it would be smart to go back and see if you can get some kkind of proof of ownership

If you have never had a car repossessed you have had a house repossessed Can I still get a car loan?

Most likely not depending on what financial situation you're in.

Can a credit card company blemish your credit if your mail was lost and they never contacted you?

Unfortunately, yes - the company sent you notice of a payment due and you did not pay it. If you can prove the notice never received you, then you might be able to avoid late fees and a late payment notice on your credit rating.

Does insurance help with rental when car repossessed?

I've never heard of an insurance policy that covers repossession. Remember, the car doesn't actually belong to you -- it was repossessed because you failed to honor the contract of repayment of the loan to buy it.

Can a car be repossessed because someone is borrowing it?

I wanted to add to my original question...Our car was repossessed by the finance company because they said they found out someone else was using the car because of car payments being sent from a different address. AND, they stated that they wanted to see the condition of the car. I thought a car would only be repossessed if you were late on payments? I have never heard of this, so I don't know what is going on.

The loan company says they never received your payment and repossessed your car yet there is a bank record of the money transfer what can you do?

Most attorneys love 'wrongful repossession" cases. Call one in your area.

Can a lender in Calif charge a fee to cancel a car repossesion which never was repossessed due to a payment received 3 days late?

No this is a bogus fee.Don't pay it ask for a reciept for what they are trying to charge you for.

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Can your vehicle be repossessed after the loan and security agreement has expired but you still owe a considerable sum?

Loan and security will always be active against the vehicle. It never goes away until paid or repossessed. Yes, the collateral may be repossessed at any time.

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You were notified the loan was not approved and you needed to return the car you never returned the car or had it registered in your name and it was never repossessed how do you get rid of it?

Return it to the dealer.

Can your car be repossessed by the car dealership if you never gave proof of income?

If you are not making the required payments to the finance company that holds the lean on you car it may be repossessed. Proof of income is not required or relevant.

In California are you liable for payments on a voluntarily repossessed car purchased by your spouse prior to marriage if you never used it because you can't drive a manual transmission?

IF your name was NOT on the contract, you're NOT responsible for it. If it was , you are.

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Can your car be considered repossessed and put on your credit report as repossessed if they never picked up the car?

Absolutely. Once the car is considered repo'd it is all paperwork, otherwise you could just hide the car from the lender.

Can a cosigners credit get the car repossessed?

As long as the loan for the unit is paid each month, the collateral will never be repo'd.

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On average what is the quality of most repossessed vehicles?

The owner of a vehicle that has been repossessed, cannot afford to make their payments, so it makes sense that they cannot afford to perform the required scheduled maintenance on the vehicle. This is not always the case but IMO, I would never buy a repossessed vehicle, unless it had extremely low mileage of say less than 20,000 miles.