What are the requirements for UK residents to get medical insurance when they are over their 50s?


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According to most types of medical insurance companies the medical insurance is not very different compared to different Countries. Normally no medical is required therefore United Kingdom residents are guaranteed to be accepted for medical insurance.

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(The) Joint Commission is an accrediting body over hospitals, psychological services, etc. HIPAA is a privacy and confidentiality law. For medical record content, numerous authorities govern documentation requirements, such as the Medical Board, the Nursing Board, Medicaid, Medicare, insurance carriers, etc. etc.

To find out if your insurance will cover a medical weight loss company you need to look over your insurance coverage. Every insurance provider is different and may or may not cover it.

I'm pretty sure this depends on who is the insurance company, but most travel insurance policies will cover emergency medical expenses. For every day medical expenses, you will have to talk to your every day insurance company.

No. You will have to use your health insurance first.

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Swinton Car insurance is a company that serves the residents of the United Kingdom. It's cheaper than most insurance companies over here because they have a cash back program.

Medical insurance should cover any injuries substained no matter how they were caused. Health insurance is only responsible (in most cases) for what your car insurance and the third party involved's insurance does not pay. Legally, car insurance is primary over health insurance.

I would suggest talking with your primary doctors an asking which insurance carriers they accept and if they feel with your medical history you should choose one over another.

Yes, AXA does provide car insurance. They also provide insurance for your house, travel insurance, medical insurance and life insurance for people ages over 50 years.

It is not advisable to have only the minimum state requirements on your auto insurance. If you are found to be at fault in the event of an accident, you can be held liable for all you're worth over the amount of the insurance policy's limitations.

Good Neighbor Insurance offer a variety of senior travel insurance plans from four major international health insurance companies that provide overseas health and travel insurance for over-65 travelers with worldwide protection. These over-65 travel insurance plans provide medical coverage, medical evacuation coverage, repatriation, and multiple deductible options along with multiple amounts of coverage.

The cheapest travel insurance for people age 65 and over can be purchased through Globelink International. They offer great rates on insurance regardless of age or medical history.

Over and above medical coverage on your auto insurance. There is no way you can get out of telling your auto insurance company about the accident, because the health insurance company will tell them about it first. This also depends on whether or not your State allows health insurance to cover such accidents.

Only if you are pulled over and cannot provide proof of insurance. That being said, it's really not a good idea to drive without insurance. If something were to happen, would you have the money to pay for repairs to your car, the other car(s), as well as any medical bills? The specific requirements vary by state. The better your driving record, and the older you are, typically means cheaper insurance.

A medical insurance specialist can answer questions of patient dates of service over the phone within the HIPAA regulations. In other words, it depends on who is asking, and on the express permissions given by the patient to release such information.

If the child is over age 18, then the parent is not responsible for the child's medical bills. The child is legally responsible for anything that the insurance policy did not pay.

Yes. There is Aetna Dental insurance available through Aetna. It is available for an additional charge over and above the charge for standard medical coverage.

Freeway insurance is really more of a comparison company. Freeway insurance is only offered to California state residents. They offer policies from over 20 different carriers. They do offer Multi-policy, multi-car, good driver, and student discounts.

I have been a medical biller for over 10 years. It is always whoever is going to the doctor that one's insurance will pay. So, the husband goes to the doctor it is his insurance that would be the primary insurance and the wife's insurance could then be billed for the balance, i.e. copay, deductible, etc.

The state of Georgia has over 79 different insurance companies, many of which are privatized companies and not corporate affiliated. This also includes nationwide insurance providers, just to give you an idea about the breadth of the options out there. These are also auto only insurance providers, and do not offer life or homeowners insurance.

You have an insurance policy which explicitly spells out what is insured and what kinds of claims you can make, so you might want to read your policy, but I can tell you that the purpose of homeowner's insurance is to protect you from financial loss resulting from damage to, or theft of the property in your home; it is not medical insurance and does not pay medical bills of whatever sort.

Annual travel insurance over 65 is a type off traveler's insurance targeted for persons aged 65 years or older. These insurance plans are designed to be affordable for a retired person, but more extensive in medical coverage should you have an accident or experience complications due to pre-existing health conditions; at least, the good ones do. Be sure to shop around carefully when selecting an agency. You can further research travel insurance for seniors at

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