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What are the requirements for a second year entry to a Bachelor of Engineering degree?

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2007-07-08 13:58:53

The transfer policies of a college or university may be

particular to the institution you are applying to. Each institution

may have their own set of requirements. The general requirements

that are basic to all, or at least what they may be looking for in

terms of a second year entry are as follows:

  • An official transcript from each school you have attended
  • Completion of all developmental course work as a result of

    basic skills testing.

  • Completion of an English Composition
  • Completion of the appropriate college level math
  • The minimum GPA required for the Program of Study
  • Completion of all prerequisite course work particular to the

    second year engineering courses

  • Some may still require SAT scores
  • Some may want letters of recommendation

The above is not all inclusive. There may be more or less

requirements depending on the college or university you are

applying to. The recommendation is as follows: Go to and do a college search by major and the

geographical area of your choice. You will be given a list of

schools offering your program of study with a link to each. There

you will be able to access all the information you need. Make sure

the institution is fully accredited by a regional accreditation

agency. Once you have selected your possibilities, call the college

or university and ask to speak with an enrollment specialist whose

area of expertise covers the engineering field. This will get you



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