Emancipation and Ages for Moving Out
Age of Consent & Underage Relationships

What are the requirements for a teenager to be emancipated in Kansas?

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Chapter 38.--MINORS Article 1.--GENERAL PROVISIONS 38-108.

District court may confer rights of majority. That the district

courts for the several counties in this state shall have authority

to confer upon minors the rights of majority, concerning contracts

and real and personal property, and to authorize and empower minors

to purchase, hold, possess and control in their own person and

right, and without the intervention or control of a guardian or

trustee, any goods, chattels, rights, interests in lands, tenements

and effects by such minor lawfully acquired or inherited; and such

minor shall have full power to hold, convey and dispose of the

same, and to make contracts and be subject to all the liabilities

incident thereto, sue and be sued, and in all respects to exercise

and enjoy all rights of property and of contracts in the same

manner and to the same extent as persons at the age of


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