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What are the requirements for an undergraduate student to enter Harvard University?

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Harvard is "blind" to financial needs on applications. And generally, after acceptance if financial help is needed it can be worked out.

Acceptance requires overall exceptional academic achievements combined with a showing of character, ability and desire that would separate you from other contenders. How much one will be weighed over the other may vary, as someone shown with unbelievably exceptional ability in a field, and perhaps not the interest and academeics in another, may still be accepted.

Other evidence of ability, dedication, essays, interviews, recommendations, etc., all will be required.

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How a Pakistani female student can get her admission to an undergraduate engineering program of Harvard university?

Contact them through their website and ask the criteria, terms and conditions for admission.

What to do to be a student of Harvard university?

Tell your dad to donate millions of dollars to Harvard.

What is the racial makeup of Harvard university?

Harvard is ranked 207 in racial diversity.

How do you get into Queens University in Canada?

The requirements for admission to Queen's University depend on the program that the prospective student wishes to apply for, and it also depends on the province from which the prospective student wishes to apply. Please see the General Admission Requirements for Undergraduate Admission page, in Sources and related links below.

How many girls go to Harvard?

More females attend Harvard University than males do. Females make up 51 percent of the student body at Harvard University.

How much does on campus housing cost at Harvard University for an out-of-state student?

for an out of state harvard student tuition will average around 70,000 dollars anually.

You want to study in Regina university how?

The requirements for registering for an undergraduate program at Regina University are Canadian secondary school transcripts. International students may require standardized tests. A student can also transfer credits from a Canadian college or university.

Who founded facebook while he was a student of Harvard university?

Mark Elliot Zuckerberg

What is the likelihood of being admitted into Harvard's graduate program if you have graduated from Azusa Pacific University?

This is a ridiculous question. As a Harvard MBA grad '04 and an APU Int'l Biz grad '99, I can tell you that APU will prepare you well for whatever post-undergraduate plans you have. The undergraduate school you attend; however, has close to zero value in an admissions process. The student as an individual is the one under the microscope. You want to attend Harvard Grad for Psych? Be an excellent student.

What is the student population of the University of Pennsylvania?

About 10,000 in the undergraduate programs, and 10,000 in the graduate programs, for a total student population of about 20,000.

What year did the University of Tennessee admit their first Black student?

Gene Mitchell Gray, an undergraduate student, became the first Black admitted to the University of Tennessee in 1952.

What kind of a student was Obama?

Though his records are sealed because of his attendance at Harvard University we can assume he was at least a good student.

Discuss the concept of opportunity cost to a undergraduate student in university?

implicit cost such as tuition fee, books cost and rental cost may affect the undergraute student in university , for the student to go to university he or she has forgone wages for books

Do you think Harvard University is the best college school?

Harvard University and been ranked one of the top notch colleges in the Nation. Personally it's up to the student. It doesn't matter what college you attend. Always remember, the student makes the college, the college don't make the student.

When transferring from a two year college to a university am i transferring as an undergraduate student?

Yes you are. The associate to bachelor degrees are undergraduate coursework. The master's and doctorate degrees are graduate coursework. Thus, if you are now pursuing your bachelor's degree, you would be transferring as an undergraduate student.

How can foreign students enter Harvard University?

I'm a foreign student from Indonesia, so we must take a SAT or TOEFL to attend Harvard

What is a matriculated student?

A matriculated student is one who has been accepted as a full time student in a degree program at a college or university. A matriculated student in an undergraduate program may not have declared a major.

What are some admission requirements for the university of la Sierra university?

There are certain requirements such as the GPA to go in you have to be a 3.0 and to be a transfer student would be 2.0

When was Harvard Student Agencies created?

Harvard Student Agencies was created in 1957.

You are studying undergraduate and planning to credit transfer to a good university abroadthe thing is that will you be able to do that if you gave GRE but not SAT?

If you are an undergraduate student transferring to another undergraduate program you would not take the GRE. The GRE is required by many colleges and universities at the graduate level. You should collect the names of some schools you have an interest in and then research their entrance requirements.

What are the requirements for a student to receive an Apple computer discount?

The requirements for a student to receive an Apple computer at a discount include being enrolled in a university or school. Teaching staff and professors working for a university and school are also eligible for student discounts.

What is the student population of University of California?

According to Mark G. Yudof, the President of the University of California, "The number of undergraduate students at the University this year (2010) is 175,000"

What is the student teacher ratio at University of Texas at Austin?

Undergraduate is 34:1 Graduate is 9:1

What are the requisites of the Pell Grant?

You have to be and undergraduate or vocational student that is enrolling or has been accepted to an applicable school. You must also meet the standards for the federal student aid requirements.

Is it an advantage to get into Harvard extension school?

Unlike before where the Extension division of Harvard University FAS allowed open-enrollment, today you have to be fully admitted to be a Harvard University student (even via Extension School route). Unlike the College, the admission process is unique: you must take actual Harvard University courses, make the grade point average necessary just to demonstrate that you can be considered. The consideration phase is extensive. Harvard University faculty not just grade you but also evaluate whether or not you can succeed at Harvard University.

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