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I would suggest experience in the field, but my last business was a totally new field for me. More importantly than experience is money. Any business, especially retail, is money-hungry. But money alone will not guarantee success - you need drive, ambition, lots of energy and good people skills. Hopefully you've at least had some management experience. You need to know about advertising, accounting, purchasing, inventory control, security procedures, gosh.... it will help to be able to do basic graphic artwork.

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Just what do you mean by "putting up"?

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Tite malake input mu pepe mo!!!!

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Q: What are the requirements for owning a business?
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Owning a business should you have a master degree?

There are no educational requirements for owning and operating a business. However, a degree in business would be extremely beneficial, and lack of a business education today is one major reason why some businesses fail.

Risks associated with owning your own business?

what are some of the risks associated with owning your own business

What are 2 advantages of owning dominos pizza?

Owning a franchise tends to be a bit easier than owning a business and a pizza business is a lucrative field.

What is a disadvantage of owning a business?

the disadvantage you are responsible for the failure of the business

What are the requirements to get a federal firearms licence?

There are 11 different licenses. One- the 03 C&R FFL license, is for collectors- you must be 21, and not prohibited from owning guns. All others are business licenses- you must meet those requirements and be licensed to engage in the business covered under that license.

How people get rich?

By understanding economics & by owning a business.

Where can someone go to learn more about owning a franchise?

The SBA government website offers information where one can learn how to start and manage a business. The website has information on the risks, how to grow a business, and owning a business.

What is the risks of owning your own business?

You will be burglarized or even have a fire, that may ruin your business.

What are benefits about getting a master's in accounting?

Close your eyes- do you see yourself owning a business or helping with the books for other business owners. If you plan on owning a business, perhaps your class-load will include some accounting but your main focus is business.

What are advantages of owning a business?

You're the boss, and you make the hours.

What are some requirements for owning your own business for a wedding planner?

you need money to start your buiessness. And you will need to know how to run a buiesness, and a lot about weddings. the average amount to start a wedding planning buiesness is about 2,600.

What are horizontal and vertical intergration?

Vertical Integration is owning a section of a business and horizontal integration is owning all businesses in a certain field.