What are the requirements to become emancipated in VA?

They have told you the basics, but it's much more complicated. I live in VA and have read the emancipation laws. Basically, you would have to be allowed by your parents to leave the home and set up your own living arrangements. If you initially leave without this permission than you are a runaway. If you get into trouble during this time, your parents are responsible, and the cops can and will bring you home. Living on your own does not mean just crashing somewhere. You must be paying rent and totally supporting yourself. The judge will want to see a rental agreement in addition to pay stubs showing you are capable of supporting yourself. I didn't follow the last post, but getting pregnant in VA or giving birth does NOT automatically emancipate you, so it's not worth your while, you would then have to show you are supporting two. I do believe that marriage to a legal adult does emancipate you in VA, but your parents will have to give permission if you are under 18. It's much easier to work things out with you parents in the long run. Good luck!