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Not knowing the exact definition of "school permit" it might help for the interested party to visit the Florida Department of Education website at or email or phone (850)245-0505.

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Q: What are the requirements to obtain a school permit in Florida and where can you go to get one?
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What are the work permit requirements for a 13-year-old in Georgia?

Obtain one from the school they attend. There are no specific requirements other than having the parents agree.

What are the specific questions on the actual Florida permit test?

You should be able to obtain an idea of the specific questions on the Florida drivers' permit test by going to the local branch of the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles and asking for the booklet to study for the test from. Further, any driving school in Florida should be able to teach you enough to get your permit.

Is it legal to for high school student with there learners permit to drive to and from school in Florida?

No the purpose of a learner's permit is giving you legal standing to drive a car with a licensed driver until you obtain your license after passing the driving exam at 16.

what are the all the requirements to be a plumber in florida?

In Florida you must have a high school education you must complete a formal training course at a trade school,work as an apprentice with a licensed plumber,and finally pass the test to obtain licensing.

Can a student drive to school in Florida on a permit?


Can you drive to school with a permit and park there in Florida?

You cannot drive anywhere "solo" on a learner's permit, school or otherwise. Just going to school does not circumvent the laws for anyone.

Where can a student obtain a Work Permit in Detroit?

Go to a school and ask the office!

Does a 16 year old need a work permit in Ohio?

Yes. All persons of school-age must obtain a work permit from their local school or school district whether or not they are currently attending.

Does driver education online satisfy the requirements for California high school students to obtain a learners permit?

Certified programs can help the student persue this goal. However, the student, regardless of how they perform online, must pass a written test at the local DMV to complete the requirements.

Where can you get a work permit?

if you go to school go to your guidance conselor and they will give it to you Call your local Social Security office they will tell you where to obtain your permit in your town.

Is it legal to drive by yourself to work or school in Florida if you're 16 and you have a permit?

No. With a permit, a licensed driver must accompany you in a car if you are driving.

On the back of your permit in Florida it states somthing 11-6...OR from to work-school does this mean people with only a permit can drive u can drive unsupervied as long as its from-to work of school?


Do you obtain your driving permit before going to driving school in California?

It is best for you to obtain your permit first because on your first lesson of behind-the-wheel training, your permit will be signed by the licensed instructor from that school. Their signature validates your permit so you'll be able to drive legally with a licensed driver 25 years or older. I do know a school that doesn't require you to have your permit to begin training. They are called If you don't have your permit and you want to begin your behind-the-wheel, they would just issue you student license so you can drive with them only.

Can a 15-year-old with a permit drive to school in Florida?

no they should not because they are too young

What are the answers to the lowest price traffic school Florida permit test?

two tipes of drivers

What are the requirements to get to driving school?

First you have to complete a drivers education class....the you have to pass the DMV written permit test.....then you can begin your driving school.

Can you drive to work with a permit in Florida?

After 3 months you can drive to work and school between 8 am and 10pm

Where can a 14-year-old get a work permit?

You can go to your high school guidance counselor and obtain working papers.

Can a 17 year old drive to school alone on a permit in Florida?

You can't drive alone on a permit at any age, regardless of where you're going to or coming from. Period.

Is there anyway to get your permit in Florida if you Go to school in Georgia?

What matters isn't where you go to school - it's your state of residence. If you've been a resident of Florida for 30 days or more, can provide proof of this residency, and have a physical address, you can get a Florida licence.

What are some licencing requirements in Los Angeles in order to open a beauty salon?

There are several requirements for opening a beauty salon in Los Angeles.They inlude getting a business registration license and and a sellers permit. You will fisrt need to be a licensed cosmetologst,this will require attending school. You will then need to obtain a business license.

How do you get a work permit in Ohio if you do ECOT?

ECOT is a form of a public school. You would follow the same steps and would be able to obtain information or a work permit application sent to you from ECOT.

Are there driving schools here?

A driving school in the NYC area is Drivetrain Driving School, which teaches the basics of driving and allows you to obtain certification for your permit and license.

Can you drive to school with a permit in Florida?

Yes you are allowed to drive to school and back with a permit. You may also drive to work and back and the same for church. As long as you drive safely and stay out of trouble while driving to school or work or church and don't do otherwise.

If you are 18 and have your learner's permit may you drive alone to work or school in Florida?

NO! You must be accompanied by a licensed driver.