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What are the responsibilities of a chef?


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July 09, 2016 6:26PM

A country club chef, a resort chef, a chef at an independent restaurant, a chain restaurant, hotel, catering company, etc... all have different responsibilities. As an overview, the duties could include all or some of the following:

  1. hiring/firing kitchen staff
  2. designing menu
  3. determining food and labor costs to produce said menu
  4. establishing and maintaining vendor relationships
  5. inventory/control/ordering food and kitchen supplies
  6. overseeing prep and service cooking
  7. enforce quality standards of food
  8. lots of paperwork
  9. cooking
  10. lifting/ squatting/ bending/ carrying
  11. lots of cleaning
  12. continuing education (food safety, etc)
  13. dealing with health department
  14. maintain and fix equipment as needed/ based on ability
  15. forecasting business volume and plan accordingly
  16. devise training protocol for kitchen staff
  17. train kitchen staff
  18. make sure employees aren't stealing all the steaks and wine