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The responsibilities of a nurse when giving levodopa are defined in the work ethics. They should ensure that the correct dosage is administered and check on the patient's medical history.

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How to avoid giving levodopa in high dose to Parkinson's patients?

Although levodopa can cross our BBB, but it will be decarboxylated to dopamine peripherally before reaching our CNS - only small amount of Levodopa will be left and available to pass our BBB.So, instead of giving levodopa in high dose (which can cause lots of side effects), we give levodopa with peripheral decarboxylase inhibitors (e.g. carbidopa, benserazide) which can inhibit decarboxylation of levodopa in GIT and peripheral tissues. (By combining levodopa and peripheral decarobxylase inhibitors, we will have less side effects too)

What are the responsibilities of a flight nurse?

The responsibilities of a flight nurse include but are not limited to: in-flight management and care for patients, evaluating patients during the flight, comfort and safety of the patients, and giving a diagnosis as needed.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Good Nurse?

duties and responsibilities of a good nurse

What are the responsibilities of nurses in using electromyography?

What r the responsibilities of a nurse

What is the responsibilities of an Registered Nurse?

the responsibility of a registered nurse is to treat many patients.

What are the responsibilities of a cardiac nurse specialist?


What are responsibilities of nurse before giving pethidine?

asses pt's condition monitor vital sign check pysician's prescription ask patient any reaction from the previous medications

Nursing responsibilities before and after giving antibiotics?

Check allergies, check liver and renal function.

What will happen if pyridoxine is given with levodopa?

pyridoxine (vitamin B6) can decrease the effect of levodopa.

What are the primary job responsibilities a nurse?

no eyed deer

What is the difference between relinquishing a right and giving up responsibilities?

Relinquishing a right would be giving up part of your freedom (which is bad) and giving up responsibilities would generally be good (unless you are really bored or particularly like those responsibilities).

What is the purpose of levodopa?

Levodopa is a drug that helps to supplement dopamine, a neurotransmitter, to the brain of persons with PD.

What does carbidopa do?

Levodopa itself is not well tolerated, which is why it is combined with carbidopa. Carbidopa decreases peripheral metabolism of levodopa, which allows for lower doses of levodopa and less-severe side effects.

What are the nursing responsibilities in giving mannitol?


What are the responsibilities of a nurse in the delivery room?

In a delivery room, the nurse is responsible for assisting the doctor. The nurse is also responsible for keeping the patient comfortable.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a registered nurse?

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What are the responsibilities for pediatric nurse?

To kill little helpless kids...

What are the duties and responsibilities of IV Therapy nurse?

maintain sterility

What are the responsibilities of a good home nurse?

i Freakin' don't know !!

What are the responsibilities of the scrub nurse?

The scrub nurse assists the surgeons. Their responsibilities include draping the patient with sterile drapes and handling sterile instruments and supplies. They, and the circulating nurse, are responsible for accounting for all sponges, needles, and instruments at the close of surgery.

What are the responsibilities of a treatment nurse?

Generally, a treatment nurse is responsible for the skin/wound care of a patient. This specific nurse may have a LPN or a RN degree.

What are side effects of carbidopa-levodopa?

The most common side effect when taking carbidopa-levodopa is twitching. Other side effects are bladder pain, chest pain, cloudy urine, and insomnia.

What are nursing responsibilities in giving ranitidine?

five rights

What are the nursing responsibilities on giving Vitamin C?

The nursing responsibilities on giving Vitamin C is first to know whether or not the patient has any deficiency in certain nutrients. This is to merit the reason for giving the patient Vitamin C.

What are the nursing responsibilities when do mistake in giving the medication?

The nurse's first responsibility is to ensure the safety of the patient. After that, the nurse needs to report his/error. Always follow facility policy, but more than likely, you will report the error first to the physician and second to the nurse manager/charge nurse. An incident report/documentation of the error will also need to be completed.