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Most Excel 2007 commands are on the menu ribbon; far too many to list here. See related links for how the Excel 2007 ribbon compares to Excel 2003 commands.
The ribbon at the top of Excel 2007 and higher is a list of menu options.

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What is the control center of Excel worksheet?

That would be the ribbon. In Excel 2007, all of the commands are organized on the ribbon. The ribbon is divided into tabs, while each tab holds sections of commands.

Where are the chart commands located Excel?

In Excel 2007, you will find the chart commands on the Insert tab on the menu ribbon in the charts section.

What is a ribbon group in Excel?

It is a set of related commands that you can have together on the ribbon in Excel.

On what menu will you find the commands to copy and paste?

For Excel 2007, on the Home tab of the menu ribbon.

What is a ribbon in mircosoft word 2007?

Microsoft has replaced menus & toolbar with ribbon in some of the programs like Access, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook 2007. It is designed to perform desired tasks quickly. All the commands are collected under tabs.

What are the differences between trace precedents in Excel 2003 and Excel 2007?

It works basicly the same way in both versions, but the commands are in different locations. The command is on the Formulas ribbon in Excel 2007 and the Tools - Formula Auditing menu in Excel 97-2003. See related links for an animated tutor of how to use trace precedents.

What do Ribbon commands include?

Ribbon command include almost everything that you might want to do with Excel, such as setting the font and controlling the appearance of the font. Ribbon commands also let you create charts and graphs, import and export data, format cells, and more.

Where is the comma style button located in Excel?

On the Home tab of the Excel 2007 ribbon in the Number section.

What ribbon is the goal seeking command on in Excel?

In Excel 2007, on the Data ribbon tab, click on What-If Analysis in the Data Tools group, and select Goal Seek. In older versions of Excel it is on the Tools menu.

Where is the formula error button in Excel 2007?

There is no formula error button in Excel. However, there is an Error Checking button on the Formulas ribbon in the Formula Auditing section in Excel 2007.

What is a ribbon in Microsoft Word 2007?

The Ribbon is the menu bar for commands in Office 2007 documents. To turn it on or turn it off right click on the menu bar and selected or deselect minimize the ribbon.

Where in Excel 2007 is the function categories stored?

On the formulas ribbon.On the formulas ribbon.On the formulas ribbon.On the formulas ribbon.On the formulas ribbon.On the formulas ribbon.On the formulas ribbon.On the formulas ribbon.On the formulas ribbon.On the formulas ribbon.On the formulas ribbon.

Where is format menu in Excel 2007?

Excel 2007 uses ribbons rather than menus. You will find many of the formatting options on the Home ribbon.

What is RIBBON in Microsoft Excel 2007?

It is the wide menu bar at the top of the screen.

On the Ribbon in excel what surrounds a collection of groups?

There is a thin line that surrounds or outlines each group of related commands.outline

What are some differences between Excel 2003 and Excel 2007?

The most obvious visible difference is the ribbon bar (new menu system) displayed by all Office 2007 products. You also will notice a new file format. Excel 2003 uses an extension of XLS, while Excel 2007 uses the extension of XLXS, You can open Excel 2003 files in Excel 2007, but not the other way around. Excel 2007 adds many new functions. See related links for what's new with Excel 2007. Also see the related links for how to match the old Excel 2003 menu items with the new Excel 2007 ribbon.

What is a chart tool on Excel?

It allows you to make charts or graphs. You will find it in the Charts section of the Insert Ribbon in Excel 2007.

How do you insert a chart in Excel?

Go to the Insert tab on the ribbon in Excel 2007 and click on the chart you would like to insert.

Where is the indent button on Excel?

It is in the alignment group on the Home tab of the ribbon in versions from Excel 2007 on. Before that, it was on the Format toolbar.

How do you sort in Microsoft Excel?

Highlight the cell range you want to sort and click on the sort button. For Excel 2007, it is on the Home menu ribbon in the Editing section (on the right side of the ribbon).

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