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There are so many rights, duties and responsibilities of a Japanese citizen. The main ones including exercising democratic rights, protecting the nation in all ways and being loyal to the government through patriotism among others.

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What is civics the study of?

Civics is the study of citizenship and government. By that, I mean that civics is the studies of your rights, responsibilities and duties as a citizen. -A

What are the rights and responsibilities of teenagers?

you have no rights, you have too many responsibilities, your a second class citizen, get use to it

What are the rights duties and obligations of a responsible and Active American citizen?

the rights duties and obligations of a responsible American is we have freedom and a citizen is responsible to his/her family and law.

What are the rights duties and obligations of a Japanese citizen?

Japanese, according to theconstitution only the obligations to care for their children and to work. That is all the Japanese are obligated to do by the constitution.I do not know the DUTIES of aJapanesecitizen ,but the rights include limited freedom of speech, writing,publications,and associations ,and freedom of religion as long as it does not interfere with thedutiesof a citizen ,which i do not know.They also have numerous laws about racism and sexism that even the U.S. does not have.

What is the most important reason for studying civics?

The most important reason for studying Civics is to know what it means to be a citizen. You have to know your duties, responsibilities, and rights.

What are the areas of civics?

Responsibilities, government, rights, duties.

What are the rights and responsibilities of a citizen in the u.s. citizen?

One of a U.S. citizens rights is freedom to worship as you wish.

What are the rights and responsibilities of a Chinese citizen?

no rightsobey the governmentno right at all

Do you have the same rights as other citizens if you obtain it by marriage?

If you are a citizen then you are a citizen and have the same rights (and responsibilities) as all other citizens.

What are citizenship?

The status of a citizen with accompanying rights, duties, and privileges,

What is an Athenian citizen?

an anthenian citizen is a person with certain rights and responsibilities in hid or her country or comunity

What are the rights of a Japanese citizen?

the rights of a Japanese citizen include the following; liberty of speech, writings, and the meting and the existence of an organization, as well as the right to an equal living standard

What are the rights and responsibilities of American citzens?

some of the responsibilities of citizen are things like voting and reporting crimes to the police

What people had rights and responsibilities in greek city states?

it was to be a philosipher and to be a good citizen

What are the rights and responsibilities of citizens living in a representative democracy?

The rights and responsibilities of a citizen living in a representative democracy is to tell the "representer" what concerns them or is an issue, and they will try to get it solved :)

What does citizenship in the community mean?

The Status of a citizen with its attendant rights, duties, and privilege's

Bill of rights and duties and responsibilities of a filipino citizen?

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What is a required duty of working citizens in the US today?

It is depends upon that you have citizenship of US or Not. There are different rules and responsibilities and duties for the permanent citizens of US and Working Citizens of US. You will find several rights and responsibilities that all citizens should exercise and respect. These responsibilities are legally required of every citizen.

What are the rights duties and obligations of a citizen?

Taxes, jury duty, voting and many more!

What are the rights duties and obligations of an Irish citizen?

Toabideby the law, and serve on a jury if needed.

What is civis for Romans?

Civis is the Latin word for citizen. For Romans, the word incorporated all the honors, rights and duties of a Roman citizen.

Explain the various civic responsibilities and duties?

Civic duties and responsibilities range from voting in elections, running for public office and taking part in local and state governments. These are rights and it's important to use them.

What were the rights and responsibilities of the Japanese citizens during world war 2?

they had right, but they were just violated and not respected, i am not sure about the responsibilities

What are some important rights and responsibilities of US citizens?

There are many rights and responsibilities provided to every US citizen by the Constitution. Some examples of these rights and responsibilities include the right to vote, the right to stay informed, the performance of jury duty, and the obligation to obey the laws.

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