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All the same rights as a US citizen, except he/she cannot vote or hold public office. If he/she is in the US illegally, the application of those rights can vary somewhat.

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Q: What are the rights of a person who is not a U.S. citizen and has a child?
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What if a child US citizen and father US citizen too is death what are the right to the child?

the child has no rights if he is still with his mother but if not,then all the money and things go to te child

What custodial rights does an illegal father have to a child born in a marriage with a US citizen?

Same as a US Citizen father, nothing.

What rights does an illegal immigrant father have in the US who had a child with a legal citizen in the US?

He has rights to the child since he is the father, but i don't think he has any more general rights if he is still illegal.

Will you become a legal resident if you are from Jamaica and are marrying your boyfriend who is a US citizen and you are about to have a child?

No. The process of becoming a US citizen by marrying a US citizen is no longer applicable. The person must apply for citizenship through required legal procedures. However,it is understood that baring any unusual circumstances citizenship will be granted. A child born in the US becomes a US citizen with all the rights and privileges thereof.

Can an child of us navy born in the Philippines out of wedlock be a us citizen?

The child of a US citizen is considered a US citizen.

Why is it good to be a citizen of the US citizen?

you get rights

If you are an immigrant and have a child in US is that child considered a US citizen?

Yes, if born in the US, the child is automatically an American citizen.

If a male citizen has a baby with a non citizen the baby is born in the US will the child be a US citiezen or not unless the parents are married?

Answer: if the child is born in the US, that child will be a US citizen

If an immigrant has a baby in the US will that person become a legal citizen?

Yes. The child will be a US citizen. The parent will need to apply for permanent residency.

What rights does a person with political asylum that marries a US citizen have when the wife wants a divorce and they have a child?

He has the right to divorce and to an equitable share of the marital estate, and has equal right to petition the court for custody of the child.

What if a US citizen gives birth in a foreign country is the child a US citizen or a citizen of that country?

If a US citizen gives birth in a foreign country, the child IS a US citizen. In many countries (depending on where you are), the child would have dual citizenship.

Why is the Bill of Rights called the Bill of Rights?

Not all rights of a citizen aer defined, for example. you have the right to breath and open and shut your own do NOT have a right to become a US Citizen without the government's definition or obligation to "give" that person that right.

Non citizen CHILD of a US citizen will became citizen?

Yes, if the child was born outside the US and one of the biological parents was a US citizen, you should go to the nearest embassy or consulate general of the US and register the child's birth so that he or she can officially be a US citizen (they are entitled to automatic US citizenship). If the child is born in the US, the birth certificate of the child is the proof of citizenship and no other paperwork is required. If the child was not the biological child of a US citizen (he or she was adopted, or belong to a non-citizen spouse that the US citizen has married), then the US citizen will have to apply for a US permanent residency visa for that child. The child is then eligible to become a naturalized US citizen after they turn 18 OR have lived in the US for 5 years, whichever comes later.

If a US citizen marries a non US citizen and has a child outside the us is the child a US citizen?

Yes the child is as long as one parent is a US citizen. At 18 the child may have a choice of choosing one citizenship since they hold a dual citizenship.

If a US citizen fathers a child with a non citizen does the non citizen become a citizen?

No, just the child.

What are the rights of a US child born outside of country?

In general a the country in which a child is born is considered its place of birth so a US child can not be born outside of the US. If you are a US citizen but your child is born while you are on a trip to Canada your child will be a Canadian Citizan.

Does a child of a US residents born out of the united state has any rights in obtaining a citizenship?

If the parents are US citizens, then the child gets duel citizenship (citizenship in the country he/she is born in [depending on local laws], and US citizenship). Any person naturalized in the US or by American parents is a US citizen.

Can an US citizen marry an illegal person and adopt her illegal child in Massachusetts?


Is the child born out of the US to two us citizend not on official business a citizen?

If one or more of the parents is a US citizen, the child is a US citizen, regardless of where they are born.

You are child of US citizen living in US how can you be US citizen?

You are born one .

Rights of children born in the us to alien parents?

Any child that is born in the U.S. is considered a U.S. citizen, therefore they have all of the rights of a U.S. citizen. However, their parents are still considered illeagal and can still be deported, and that may be with or without their child.

If an illegal alien and a US citizen are to get a divorce and they have a baby born in the US would both have custody rights?

Immigration status is a completely separate issue from child custody rights.

What is the status of a child born in the US to a citizen of another country?

Any child born in the US is considered a US citizen.

If the mother is a US citizen born in the US and has a child born in another country is the child also a US citizen?

Yes, under the nationalization and immigration acts; the child is a US Citizen as long as the mother registers the child with the appropriate state.

Both parents are us citizens and the child is born overseas is the child a us citizen?

Basic answer is yes. The child will definitely be a US citizen, and possibly a citizen of the country where the birth took place.