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voting, and serve on a jury. There's more though....

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Q: What are the rights of citizenship that should belong to all citizens?
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What proof of citizenship is needed to rent to illegal citizens?

There IS no proof of citizenship for illegal [citizens] aliens. I should say, there is no legal proof of citizenship for illegal aliens.

Do popes give up their citizenship of the country they belong and become a citizen of the Vatican?

Anyone who is a citizen of the Vatican maintains their original citizenship of their country of origin. Should they lose their Vatican citizenship they revert to their original nationality or, lacking that, automatically become Italian citizens.

Why does citizenship carry with it certain responsibilities?

Citizenship carries certain responsibilities because being a citizen provides a person with certain privileges and rights. Citizens should work to preserve the Constitution and perform useful services to the state.

Should slaves have rights as citizens?


What is a required duty of working citizens in the US today?

It is depends upon that you have citizenship of US or Not. There are different rules and responsibilities and duties for the permanent citizens of US and Working Citizens of US. You will find several rights and responsibilities that all citizens should exercise and respect. These responsibilities are legally required of every citizen.

What are some important rights citizens should have?

Fundamental Freedoms, Mobility Rights, Legal Rights, Equality Rights, Education Rights.

What does the declaration say are peoples natural rights?

That the government should protect the rights of their citizens.

Should illegal aliens have American rights?

No. They aren't citizens.

Can an under age US resident get a US citizenship?

Kids born in the US are citizens by birth. The certificate of citizenship should be got as proof for the same. Form N-600 can be used to get the citizenship certificate.

What values do the declaration of independence the constitution and the bill of rights have in common?

individual citizens should have rights

What value do Declaration of IndependenceThe Constitution The Bill of Rights have in common?

Individual citizens should have rights.

Are the rights of citizens unlimited?

Mm... yes but no, we have all rights to do our own job but we should nut misuse or overuse the rights .

What role should citizens play to protect child rights?

Citizen's should educate children's about there legal rights. They can teach them to understand and protect their legal rights.

Declaration of Independence The Constitution The Bill of Rights What value do these documents have in common?

Individual citizens should have rights.

What value do these documents have in common Declaration of Independence The Constitution and The Bill of Rights?

Individual citizens should have rights.

Should the government curb its citizens rights to freedom of information?


Should gay people receive constitutional rights?

Gays already have constitutional rights. They are fighting for equal rights.

What rights should belong to every human being?

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What do the bill of right and declaration of independence have in common?

Individual citizens should have rights

Should governments have the power to limit the rights of their citizens during war time?


How could a baby born from Canadian citizen out side Canada obtain Canadian citizenship?

There should be no problem as both of you are Canadian citizens.

How can a foreigner acquire Indian citizenship?

foreigners who wish to become Indian citizens should show residence in India for 13 years ,give up citizenship of any other country and should nave knowledge of any one language of India.

What are facts about Canadian citizenship?

you should know the oath and u can bring your holy book to swear the oath on it and you must know the rights and responsibilities of citizen and you must take the citizenship test

How does the Bill of Rights protect individuals' civil liberties?

it establishes the idea that citizens should be free from unnecessary government control

Do US residents need a visa to visit Turkey?

"Residency" is irrelevant; citizenship is what matters. US citizens need a VISA-On-Arrival. A person who has US residency but citizenship to a different country should ask about that country.