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What are the rings around Saturn composed of?

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Saturn's Rings consist of individually orbiting bits of ice and rock ranging in size from grains of sand to boulders the size of a large house. Also dust particles circle around at top speed.

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What is the fact about Saturn?

Saturn has rings around it which the orbits Saturn.

Are there rings in Saturn?

Saturn DOES have rings around it.

What are the rings of Saturn composed of?

rock ice

What are rings in the solar system?

You probably mean the rings around some planets, particularly Saturn. They are not continuous, but are composed of individual bits of rock and ice.

What shape is Saturn?

Saturn is round. It has rings of dust that orbit it.

Why Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune have rings around them?

Saturn is the only planet in the universe that has a ring around it. Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune do not have rings. The rings around Saturn is as a result of the large gases.

What do the rings around Saturn mostly comprise of?

The rings around Saturn are mostly comprised of the dust, the ice and the rocks.

This planet has seven major rings and thousands of minor rings all composed of ice crystals?


Does mars have ring around no rings?

Saturn has the rings

What Planet has big rings around it?

saturn Jupiter has the largest rings, but Saturn and Neptune have smaller rings as well.

Do Saturn Jupiter uranus and neptune have rings around?

Yes, but only Saturn has prominent rings.

What is the circle thing around Saturn?

The circle shape around Saturn is the rings.

Does Saturn have carbon?

Not really. Saturn is composed of about 96% hydrogen. The rings however, may contain about 7% carbon

All about Saturn?

The planet Saturn is a planet with rings around it

What is strange about Saturn?

it rings around it

Are they rings around Saturn?

yes there are

Which planet as rings around?


Catchy phrases for Saturn?

One catchy phrase for the plant Saturn could be 'Saturn, the one with the rings'. Saturn is the planet that have several rings around it.

Why is Saturn nicknamed Lord of the Rings?

Because Saturn is the only planet in our solar system that has rings around it.

What planet or planets have rings around it?

Here is a list of planets that have rings (some are not visible rings, but they are still there)JupiterSaturnUranusNeptuneThe most visible rings are the giant ice rings around Saturn.

What is the rings of Saturn made of?

Saturn's rings are composed of ice, dust, and rock particles of different sizes.The rings of Saturn are the extensive planetary ring system of any other planet in the solar system.

What are the rings around planets called?

The rings around planets are called rings, or solar rings. Saturn is a planet that is most famous for having rings around it.

How do the rings around Uranus differ from the rings around Saturn?

scientists have also found rings around Uranus. Voyager 2 sent back pics of 11 rings. unlike the rings of Saturn, Uranus rings are dark and are made of boulder-sized materials.

What are the rings around Saturn made of?

Saturn's rings are made of tiny pieces of frozen ice and rock. There are about a thousand rings around Saturn, but they are made of decaillions of pieces. From Earth you can see Saturn in the night sky, but you need a telescope to see its rings.

What planet has bright rings that go around it?

Saturn has the brightest rings.