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Insurance will not pay for a nose job unless it is medically necessary. And at age 15, your parents would have to agree to the procedure.

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What are the dangers of getting a nose job?

There are many risks and complications possible, though the chance they will happen is really little. I don't want to copy my all article here about risks and complications. Please visit the link provided below to learn risks and complications of nose job point-by-point.

What does it mean if you dream about getting your nose pierced?

i think it means u really want to get your nose pierced

Should teenagers allowed to get a nose piercing?

Yes, they should, because it's there personal right if they want to or not.

Stud nose ring you cant see the metal end of the nose ring inside of your nose you want to take it out but you cant get it out what can you do?

look in a mirrior or if you really have to ask for help

Does lip reduction surgery hurt?

Anytime you see the word "surgery" it means there are risks and pain whether minor or major. There are also risks for complications and infections. If you really want it, the risks will out weigh the positive outcome.

What should I do if I don't want to continue with my pregnancy?

Abortion _____________________________________________________________________________________ Abortion is allowed in some Western countries. However;per Islamic rules and teachings; abortion is not allowed. Abortion is allowed only if the physician decides that continuity of pregnancy will subject the mother life to risks. If pregnancy is due to raping then it is allowed to do abortion.

What does a nose piercing stand for?

It really just stands for people who want to express themselves through body piercing

Does akane and ryoua kiss?

No, unless you really want to count her kissing P-Chan's nose but they never kiss.

Your Nose is too long and bulbous at the end?

I'm a female and yes my nose personally is too big for a female and its bulbous as the F*ckin end - i really hate it and want a nose job - but really scared (and a bit skint at the mo anyway) i will always consider getting a nose job. It's affected me more now than it ever has before - i think i am single because of my nose :(

Is eleven an ok age for a nose piercing?

im 11 and i want my nose dun too. my mum said i can have it dunn so all u have to do is just ask like u really want it[wich of course u doo]

What happens if you put horseradish up your nose?

I THINK IT WOULD BE TINGLING UR NOSEMy suggestion:First off if you're sticking horseradish up your nose you really need to have your head checked. I say this because if you've ever eaten it, you know what it does to your tongue and the inside of your mouth!Secondly I'd figure out what made me want to stick the horseradish up there in the first place!Keep things out of your nose, especially your fingers. There's things up there you really don't want to know about! Good Luck in the NOSE DEPT.Designer3838

More and more people are seeking plastic surgery for purely cosmetic reason.Why are so many people willing to accept the cost and risks of this kind of surgery?

I'm 13 and i really want plastic surgery on my nose because i get bullied about it if i could id have plastic surgery on all my face to make myself look pretty but my mum wont let me so id be willing to have it even though there are risks

I'm 18 and I really want to get my nose do I convince my parents?

Just do it. At 18 you don't need their permission

Is a Cohen allowed to marry a non Jew in America?

Yes you can marry anyone you want if you really love them

What do you do if you want to get a nose piercing but your parents won't let you?

wait till your 18.orresearch it, including health risks, cultural ideas behind it, offer to pay for it, including if it gets infected, all the jazz.

You are 15 years and you really want to drive are you allowed?

Nope, I want to and I'm 15, I even bought a car. Just have to live with it or break the law.

Are you allowed to get rainbow colored braces?

ya if you really want it im sure you can have it. Just depends on what your ortho thinks

I am getting a nose jobs. Can I pick out what type of nose i want?

You can pick your nose bigger then your other one

What are bumps in your nose?

Bumps in your nose can simply be acne. If you are concerned, you may want to have a doctor look inside your nose.

What age should a kid be allowed to have a cellphone-twelve?

ten only for emergencys unless they really want 1!!

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As many as you want, however there only really is 1,3,5,7,9,11 and 13 woods.

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In the USA, women are allowed to watch whatever they want, wherever they want.

What happenes if your hamster has a cut on his nose and you cant do anything?

hope that its not a very bad cut but if you really don't want to take a chance then call a vet.

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My boyfriend and I are bi and we want to have a really hot weekend this weekend please help!

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no, I do not think they can. sorry, I know I really want to play it. But can't.