What are the risks of swallowing semen?


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The risks of swallowing semen are that you may contract an STI/STD.

If you are giving a man oral sex you should use condoms to reduce your risks of STI/STD.

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No, swallowing semen does not cause urinary tract infection.

Trichomoniasis does not infect the mouth, and you can't get it from swallowing semen.

No you can not get pregnant by swallowing your semen.

Swallowing semen does not increase the risk of genital warts. They are spread by skin-to-skin contact.

The answer is no. Swallowing semen can not get you pregnant.

While swallowing chlamydia-infected semen can infect your throat with chlamydia, it will not affect a pregnancy.

Sperm (semen) is mostly protein and full of other nutrients. There is no reason not to swallow it, and several studies have found some health benefits to swallowing semen. However, no person should ever be forced or pressured to swallow semen if they do not want to. Like anything else you put into your mouth, if the semen comes from a person who is infected with a disease, you can catch the infection through swallowing the semen. That is why swallowing semen can be risky to your health unless you know that the person is not infected. The amount of semen released during an ejaculation, approximately 5ml, is not going to bring any health benefits for you if swallowed.

No, swallowing semen and erectile dysfunction are unrelated.

YES! You can get Hepatitis by swallowing semen. You can also get AIDS/HIV.

The benefits are a small amount of protein and glucose. Other than that there are no harmful effects of swallowing semen.

No, not at all. Only intercourse does.

It doesn't. The THC(tetrahydrocannibol) is contained in the body fat, so swallowing the semen of a marijuana user has no effect on the person who doesn't use marijuana.

There is no danger to get HIV/AIDS for having swallowing another man semence if he is not infected.

No. The only thing semen can give you is a illness if he has one. Surgery is the only thing that helps.

Swallowing ejaculate won't cause pregnancy.

Swallowing semen do not cause any health problems as such. But some people think that by swallowing, they can regain the energy and elements lost by masturbation.

No, there are studies that suggest swallowing semen helps prevent breast cancer. Also studies show that swallowing semen during pregnancy helps the woman's immune system get used to the foreign baby in her so her body doesn't reject it as can sometimes happen.

Yes; you can become infected with chlamydia in the throat from the exposure to the bacteria.

Swallowing semen from a disease-free male during sex is generally safe. There is nothing unhealthy about swallowing unless the person has an STD.

If you're speaking of "gagging" or "retching" when swallowing semen, it's because the texture and viscosity of the semen is triggering an involuntary reaction in the throat. Because semen is "sticky" it stretches as it goes down your throat and esophagus This may cause your body to try and reject the semen by retching. It is normal and, if you continue to swallow semen, your body (and your mind) will adjust. Swallowing semen is not harmful in any way, and some people claim it can be a benefit because of the high protein it contains.

Depends what medication. Just because it is in his bloodstream does not mean it is in his semen. Embarrassing as it may be -- this is a question for your doctor and/or pharmacist.

The ejaculate of the male could get pregnant! If you are talking about ingesting it (swallowing), then no.

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