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What are the roles and duties of an American president?


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The President signs in bills that are passed by Congress. Without his signature, bills cannot be passed into law. However, the President has the option to not sign the bill, this is called a veto, when he refuses to sign the bill, it gets sent back to Congress, if Congress fails to pass it the second time (This time, it needs a 2/3 majority, not a 1/2 majority), it gets scrapped altogether. The President is also Commander-in-Chief of the United States Armed Forces, he has complete command of the Armed Forces, he has the ability to dictate strategy, tactics and doctrines to be used. He also leads the Central Command, which where the top ranked Admirals, Generals and Marshals from the Armed Forces come to brief each other, and to make important decisions. The President may grant pardons, which is like an official apology. The President also appoint the Supreme Court judges for a life term, although his appointment must be approved by Congress. The President also dictates US Foreign Policy, he can set up treaties with countries, although he cannot conclude them, before treaties are ratified, they must first be passed by Congress beforehand. The President is the only person authorised to grant permission for the use of nuclear weapons while engaged in war or conflict. The President may declare a state of emergency That's pretty much it.