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What are the rules for Gmail?


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There are various rules and regulations of Gmail. They are no responsible for any theft or damage. You have to be over 13 years old to join it.

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You do not want to crack the password of Gmail. It is against the rules and regulations of the company. You could face legal issues if you try to do that.

Your Gmail account must have been disabled due to various reasons. Inactivity for long time might lead to that. Violation of rules of Gmail is also a reason.

The Gmail password should not be hacked. It is against the rules and regulations of Google Mail. You can face legal charges on hacking one.

You have to be minimum a 13 year old child to join. Prior to that age you cannot join. Joining will result in violation of rules of Gmail.

13 is the threshold age that should be to create an account. Children below 13 are not aware of the rules of using Gmail. Thus after 13 you can make an account.

Gmail does not let you make an account, if you do not follow any rule. If you are 13 or below, you cant make. If you haven't checked the rules and regulations, the same goes.

Gmail is Google Mail in gmail address.

Gmail address is actually a Gmail ID. After forming this you can be a part of Gmail. You can create ot on the Sign up tab on Gmail website.

gmail is not fast

Gmail graphic icon are in gmail chat.

Gmail is Google's verison of Email. Hence the name Gmail.

You can see the Gmail messenger inside the Gmail account. You have to be a part of Gmail to see it. To be able to see it, you have to enter your details.

Gmail Buzz was discontinued by Gmail. However it was opened for people to get their stuff out of it. It was the social network of Gmail in it.

Google Search Gmail. Open the top link and register for gmail. That's it!

No, GMail is not monitored. For further details you can read the privacy policy of GMail and Google.

Gmail history can be deleted by deleting the history of browser. The history is not of gmail but browser. Gmail has no history of it's own.

You can install Gmail on a galaxy phone. Gmail can be installed via a Gmail app. This app can easily configure mail in that. is a independent organisation of e-commerce. It does not have Gmail but can logged in via Gmail. Amazon accounts can be created via Gmail accounts.

Gmail and Hotmail both are good for business. Gmail has more modules and better features. This can be the advantage of Gmail over hotmail.

There is no harm in not having Gmail. Gmail is a service which provides the access to the mail world. You can access gmail to utilize most of it's features for free.

You can get Gmail settings on the Gmail app. You have the setting option on the right. Click that and you are into the settings.

Gmail stands for Google Mail.

Yes Gmail account is free.

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