What are the rules of drag racing?

The basic rules for a drag race: line up next to each other on a sanctioned drag strip, leave when you're supposed to but NOT before, and drive like hell to get to the other end before the other car does. In ET Bracket Racing, you decide how fast your car will run before you make your first pass, which is called the "dial-in" time. They start the two cars at different times to compensate for dial-in, and the car that runs closest, but not faster than, its dial-in time wins. The cars are started with a Christmas tree, which is so called because of all the lights on it. There are three distances for drag racing: 1/8 mile, 1/4 mile and 1000 feet. Nitro classes run on 1000-foot distances as a "temporary measure" after Scott Kalitta died in 2008.