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Muslim Women are not allowed to marry anyone not Muslim. Men can but women cant.

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What are the Muslim rules for dating?

im am a Muslim here are the rules date some one Muslim cant have sex before marriage

What is a Muslim marriage?

muslim marriage is where two people get married. _____________________________________________ Muslim marriage is subject to the rules that both partners accept to get married, two witnesses should sign the marriage certificate, and the wedding ceremony should be in public

Can you get a Muslim girl for marriage?

Yes, you can but you should be a Muslim man; per Islam rules; to entitled to marry a Muslim girl.

How do Muslims get marry?

First the basic Marriage rule per Islam religion should observed. This rules states that:A Muslim man can marry only a woman that is Muslim, Christian (Catholic, Orthodox, or other denominations), or Jewish.A Muslim woman (virgin, divorced, or widow) can marry only a Muslim (or convert to Muslim) man.Then the marriage rules should apply; mainly approval of both partners, having two licit Muslim witnesses, publicity, and paying the marriage gift by the man to his future wife. Refer to link below.

Why are there strict rules for Muslim women?

There are no strict rules for Muslim women unless you consider that they are strict rules that forbidding of Muslim women from having sexual relations outside marriage or weary sexy clothing that describes her body and sexy parts. Islam considers Muslim women are complementing Muslim men in building up good Muslim community that ensures full respect to women and is free from illegal sexual excitement.

Is love marriage prohibited in Islam?

Love marriage is not prohibited in Islam religion if done per religion rules and satisfying religion requirements as no sexual acts (oral or intercourse sex) to be practiced before the licit marriage and that Muslim girl is allowed to be married with only a Muslim man while a Muslim man is allowed to marry only a Muslim, a Christian, or a Jewish woman.

Can Muslim couple do nikkah with out papper work?

Yes. paperwork if for country laws. not for Islam rules._________________________________________________Yes they can on condition of satisfying licit marriage rules per Islam teachings, the most important of these rules are:having 2 licit Muslim witnessespublicityacceptance of the ladypaying the dower to the ladyThe paper work is important to maintain the rights of both marriage parties.

Can a woman minister marry a Muslim man?

l think a woman clergy ill not be allowed to marry a Muslim ____________________________________________________________ Per Islam religion marriage rules, it is allowed for a Jewish or Christian woman to get married with a Muslim man.

Why Muslim girls like Hindu boys?

It is not a rule. Many Muslim boys also in India may like Hindu girls. However, per Islam religion marriage rules, Muslim girls are allowed to get married to only Muslim boys or boy converts to Islam.

What happens when a non-Muslim woman marries a Muslim man?

A Muslim man is allowed to marry; per Islam rules; either a Muslim, Christian, or a Jewish woman. They can marry and every one remains on his/her faith before marriage. However, all of the children are Muslims.

How was Islam fundamental to Muslims?

It is way of Muslim lifeIt is the source of Muslim morals and conductIt is the source of Muslim rules of marriage, divorce, inheritance, ...It is the source of Muslim ritual worshipsIt is motivation for social solidarity and alms giving and charity.Refer to questions below for more information

Is marriage permitable between a Muslim and catholic?

Most likely, but there might be some "rules" that may have to be adhered to. Few things would prevent marriage during a non-religious service, such as with a magistrate or justice of the peace.

What are some dating tips for single Muslims?

There are many Muslim specific dating sites available for the single Muslim to find a potential mate. However, there are strict rules in the Islamic religion that pertain to dating and eventual marriage.

Is court marriage legal in Islam?

Yes, in condition fulfilling Islam marriage rules; the most important of which is that a Muslim man can marry only a Muslim, Christian, or Jewish woman and that a Muslim woman can marry only a Muslim man.Answer BTo the best of my knowledge; it most certainly is legal in Islam! We are taught to respect the laws of the land which we live. Some Muslims do get married this way, and some just simply get married under The Islam belief that Allah is the main witness needed in their marriage. Some even go as far getting married by both ways. I don"t see the harm in either of the ways! (May my statements be correct by Allah's Grace & Mercy... If not; please comment to correct!) This is our duty to inform! Comment on Answer B above:Court marriage is legal only if it is in compliance and agreement with Islam teachings and rules. Basically, Muslim man is allowed to marry only Muslim, Christian, or Jewish woman. A Muslim woman is allowed to marry only a Muslim man. Respecting the laws of the lands you are living in should not be of superiority to Islam rules.

Are marriage of Hindu-Muslim successful?

Not in the eyes of orthodox hindus, nor in the eyes of muslims, however, the marriage can be successful if both parties understand each other's beliefs and act with such understanding. This is much easier said than done.AnswerPer Islam religion teachings, Hindu-Muslim marriages are not allowed. According by the religious measures a Hindu-Muslim marriage is not successful since it violates Islam rules. Marriage in Islam is not just for pleasure between a couple but it is to get a family that having children to be raised up on Islam rules and teachings (at least until children reach puberty and be able to make their own faith choice)

Can a Muslim date a Sikh?

Dating is haram is Islam, so no they cannot date. _______________________________________________________ Any sexual actions (oral or intercourse sex) outside licit marriage is not allowed per Islam teachings. Per Islam rules, a Muslim man is allowed to marry a Muslim, Christian, or Jewish woman while a Muslim woman can marry only a Muslim man.

Can christian man marry muslim girl?

no he can't per Islam teachings and rules unless he converts to Islam with good will and good faith and not just on paper for marriage.

What are the rules for royal national park?

what are the rules of the royal national pack

Can a Muslim guy have a serious relationship with a christian girl?

Never except through a licit marriage per Islam teachings and rules. There is nothing called boy frind or girl friend in Islam. if some one like a girl or a girl likes a boy they have to propose for marriage and if both parties agree the marriage goes through. A Muslim Guy can marry a chritian girl if she is conservative.

What was the body of rules and regulations governing religious practices such as marriage?

what was the body of rules and regulations governing religious practices such as marriage

Can a 13 year old muslim girl date an non-muslim boy?

No, she can't. Any sexual acts (oral or intercourse sex) outside marriage is strictly forbidden per Islam teachings and rules. The other important point is the Muslim girl is entitled to get married with only a Muslim boy. It is not allowed for a Muslim girl to get married with a non Muslim boy unless he converts to Islam.

Can someone cancel the marriage because of religion?

This depends on what religion it is. It also depends on the rules and customs that need to be fulfilled in a religion. For example a female muslim cannot marry a christian male. But the contrary is a'ight a male muslim can marry a female christian.

What is the difference between a sacramental marriage and a non-sacramental marriage?

Some Christian congregations have rules about marriage. If the marriage is done according to the rules of the religion, it is sacramental. All other marriages are non-sacramental.

Can a Muslim woman have a baby with non Muslim man?

It is sinful; per Islam teachings and rules; for a Muslim woman to have baby with non Muslims man. She is fully sinful to have the baby outside marriage and in the meantime she is not allowed to get married with a non-Muslim man. The only solution out of this problem is for the non-Muslim man to convert to Islam (with sincere faith and real acceptance) and then to marry the Muslim woman licitly. Refer to question below.

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