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What are the rules to observe to follow the writing numbers express in correct the scientific notation?


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1) Move the decimal until your number appears to be between 1 and 10 count the spaces that you move the decimal.

2) use the number of spaces as the exponent of 10 (the base)

3) if the original number was greater than 10, the exponent is positive, if the original number was less than 1 then the exponent is negative.

EX: 250,000 becomes 2.5 x 105

but 0.0025 becomes 2.5 x 10-3


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Scientific notation is a convenient method to express very large or very small numbers.

they express the numbers using scientific notation

because some numbers are tooo big for the screen so the calculator puts it in scientific notation form

Sometimes. Scientific notation is used to express very small or very large numbers. If the problem does not involve any such numbers then there is no need for scientific notation.

Scientific notation provides a compact and clear way to express very large and very small numbers.

Write the mantissa as a negative number.

It saves writing out very large numbers as for example 5,000,000,000,000,000 = 5.0*10^15 in scientific notation

It makes large numbers easier to compare and work with .

Scientific notation is often used to represent very large and very small numbers. Actually, you can also express a "normal-sized" number in scientific notation. So, whenever there is a number, you may use scientific notation.

Scientific notation lets us express a large or a small number without having to write a lot of zeros before or after it. Try writing out 3 x 10^9000 without scientific notation.

Scientists have developed a shorter method to express very large numbers. This method is called scientific notation. Scientific Notation is based on powers of the base number 10.The number 123,000,000,000 in scientific notation is written as :

No. Scientific numbers are constants that appear in science. They may or may not require scientific notation.

- when adding or subtracting in scientific notation, you must express the numbers as the same power of 10. This will often involve changing the decimal place of the coefficient.

Scientific notation is a way to express very large (or very small) numbers. You would represent 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 as 1*1021.

It is: 150,000 or as 1.5*105 in scientific notation

Scientific notation is of little use for long mathematical expressions. It is used to express very large or very small numbers - not expressions.

It's a shorthand way to express large numbers or even very small numbers.Example:44800000000 = 4.48e+10

It is a statement about the utility of scientific notation.

Scientific notation is a way of writing numbers that are too big or too small to be conveniently written in decimal form. In normalized scientific notation all numbers are written in the form a x 10^b (a times ten raised to the power of b) where a is a nonzero single-digit integer and b is an integer.

Scientific notation is useful to represent numbers which are very large or very small.

standard notation and scientific notation For example: 126,000 is standard notation. 1.26X105 is scientific notation.

To express extremely large numbers or extremely small numbers in an easier way. Sort of like saying cuz instead of because.

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