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There are no sacraments in Buddhism as in Catholicism and other Christian Religions.

Buddhism is not a religion in the western sense, it is more a philosophical approach. See What is Buddhism for further information

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Q: What are the sacraments in Buddhism?
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Why are there no sacraments in Buddhism?

A sacrament is a Christian belief or practice to show an act or thing related to the deity. Buddhism has no deities, no sacraments and do not follow Christian practices.

What are the Buddhist sacraments?

Buddhism does not have sacraments like in Christianity. External rituals in Buddhism, while not always practices by all Buddhists, are reflective of inward development (i.e. what we do out here is what we desire in us). But rituals are not required or demanded of you, except in particular monastic orders.

How many sacraments are there?

there is seven sacraments

What are Jewish sacraments?

Judaism doesn't have the concept of sacraments.

Does the Jewish community have sacraments?

No, sacraments are a part of various sects of Christianity and Hinduism. Judaism does not have sacraments.

What Sacraments affect in to your life?

All sacraments can affect your life but an individual can reach 6 sacraments.

How are sacraments of the Church divided?

The sacraments of initiation are Baptism, Holy Eucharist, and Confirmation. The sacraments of service are Holy Orders and Matrimony. The sacraments of healing are Reconciliation and Extreme Unction.

What are the sacraments of service?

The Sacraments of Service are: Holy Orders and Matrimony

Why did the Christians accept the sacraments?

The Sacraments are a Gift to us from Christ.

Which sacraments are sacraments of initiation?

Baptism, Confirmation & the Holy Eucharist

Annoiting of the sick and reconciliation are known as sacraments of?

Sacraments of Healing

Which of the sacraments are optional?

The optional sacraments are Marriage, Ordination, and Unction.

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