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What are the saw 5 traps?

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There's a total of seven traps in the film. WARNING SPOILERS The Pendulum Trap Seth Baxter, a man who has murdered somebody must crush his hands in vices or be split in half by the awaiting pendulum. Seth crushes his hands but is killed by the pendulum anyway. It is later revealed her murdered Hoffman's sister, creator of the trap who had him killed for revenge. The Head Cube Strahm awakes with his head sealed in a glass box slowly filling with water. Strahm rams a pen into his throat to sustain air and survives. The Fatal Five: The Collars Five victims who are connected awake in a room. Each of them have a collar locked around their necks which are connected by a single cable which feeds into the wall behind them, above mounted razor blades. If the timer goes off, a winch goes off, decapitating them all on the blades. The keys are on the other side of the room, however, if one person moves forward, everyone is dragged backwards. All but Ashley survive. The Fatal Five: The Jars In the next room the group find three bomb shelters. The keys to them are in the glass jars hanging from the ceiling. As one of them died in the previous room, there are four of them, thus, one must be the odd one out. In sixty seconds the bomb will detonate. Charles is left to die. The Fatal Five: The Bathtub Down to three people now. They find a bathtub and are informed that to open the door they must find a way to connect all five cords to the bath water, however, the cords are too short to reach the water. They must find a way to do so in three minutes or the door will seal forever. Brit kills Luba and uses her body as an electrical conductor. The Fatal Five: The Table Saws In the final room the remaining victims must drain ten pints of blood into a beaker in order to open the door or be killed by the nail bombs. Mallick and Brit realize they were all supposed to work together in order to make it to the final test. If they had worked together, each of them would only have to drain 2 pints of blood each, but now they must drain 5 pints each. They allow blades to saw into their arms and pass out. A detective arrives and calls an ambulance. Their fates are left unknown. The Coffin Trap In the finale of the movie, Agent Strahm finds a room with a vertical glass box in the middle of it. A tape instructs him to enter it. Should he trust the tape? Hoffman enters the room and is locked inside the coffin by Strahm. Believing he has won, Strahm taunts Hoffman, however, the door to the room seals. The coffin lowers into the floor as the two opposite walls of the room slowly converge. Strahm attempts to escape through the grating in the ceiling only to have his arm literally splinter open. The walls continue converging, completely crushing him to death.

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What are the traps in saw 3?

the traps in saw 3 are the freezer room,the rack, the neck collar, and the bed trap

How many saw traps were made?

52 gory traps were made during the 7 movies

What are the saw 2 traps?

The Saw II traps are: The Venus Fly Trap, The Magnum Eyehole, The Furnace Trap, Needle Pit, and the Razor Box Trap.

Where can you find pictures of traps from SAW?

google images

Who designed saw traps?

In the movie the jigsaw killer's traps were designed by John or Amanda. In reality they were designed by the movie's writers, set designers, and directors.

Is the killer from saw real?

No, he isn't. However a scary thought is that the traps could actually be built

What is the name of the Villain from the saw movie?

Jigsaw/John Kramer, saw films1-3 and Mark Hoffman, he was part of the saw traps all along but he took the role of the main killer since the end of saw 3 and 4.

What was katniss doing when she first met gale?

She was hunting in the woods when she saw on of his hunting traps, when she went to take a closer look at it he showed up, then they talked for a while&he showed her how to make traps.

What are the saw 4 traps?

1. The Maloseum Trap. 2. The Hair Trap. 3. The Hotel Trap. 4. The Body Needle Trap. 5. The Exploding Jigsaw Face Trap. 6. The Knife Chair Trap. 7. The Ice Cube Trap. If you want to find about the traps, go to

What are 5 uses for broken ornaments?

wepon, trash and traps.

What are the names of the saw movies?

Saw 1, Saw 2, Saw 3, Saw 4, and Saw 5.

What are the release dates for Rugrats - 1991 He Saw She Saw Piggy's Pizza Palace 5-5?

Rugrats - 1991 He Saw She Saw Piggy's Pizza Palace 5-5 was released on: USA: 27 December 1997

Are any of the saw traps used in the saw series more than once?

The Reverse Bear Trap from the first film is reused twice: as a modified version in Saw VI, and the original is used in Saw 3D. You could also count the bathroom trap from Saw, which returned at the end of II/beginning of III, and the end of Saw 3D.

What are 5 saws called?

Straight saw, Tenon saw. Coping saw. Fret saw, Back saw, Crosscut saw,.

How much gore will Saw 3D have?

Saw 3D had TONS of gore in it. More so than the others. And a few traps that just barely made it onto the 'big' screen because of the gore.

When does saw 5 come out?

Saw 5 comes out on October 26th, a sunday. [Of 2008]. :]

What are the release dates for Traps - 1994 Make Way for Duckling 1-5?

Traps - 1994 Make Way for Duckling 1-5 was released on: USA: 27 April 1994 USA: 27 April 1994

What was the best saw movie?

defanently saw 5

What kind of traps did Iroquois boys set up?

they set up squirrel traps, raccoon traps, rabbit traps and beaver traps

Was there traps in the Giza pyramids?

WERE there traps in the Giza Pyramids. Traps is in the plural

Is there a saw 5?

yes there is because there a new jig saw

When does Saw 5 actually come out in Portugal?

Saw 5 comes out on October 23 2008 in Portugal.

What does the traps do in saw?

Jigsaw specifically added his traps in once he was returning from the hospital, just finding out he had cancer. He was so depressed he drove himself to suicide, but after he survived a plummet to his death and a metal pole in his chest, he wondered how strong the human body could be(said in SAW II).The traps torture innocent people who don't worship there lives. Usually the traps have to do with what they did to themselves, but otherwise it just made them pay. The victims have an equal amount of chance to live, but face major consequences to teach them a lesson. There have been many Jigsaws, some completely fair, and some unfair.

How many traps should a Venus Flytrap have?

That depends on the size of the plant, most store bought plants will have between 5 to 8 traps on the plant. Under ideal conditions you could expect to have between 10 and 15 traps per plant.

What are the traps of Saw V?

1.the swinging axe trap 2.water head trap 3.neck pulley decapitator trap 4.exploding nails trap 5.five circulits in tub 6.10 pints of blood trap