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What are the saw 5 traps?

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April 29, 2009 5:57PM

There's a total of seven traps in the film. WARNING SPOILERS The Pendulum Trap Seth Baxter, a man who has murdered somebody must crush his hands in vices or be split in half by the awaiting pendulum. Seth crushes his hands but is killed by the pendulum anyway. It is later revealed her murdered Hoffman's sister, creator of the trap who had him killed for revenge. The Head Cube Strahm awakes with his head sealed in a glass box slowly filling with water. Strahm rams a pen into his throat to sustain air and survives. The Fatal Five: The Collars Five victims who are connected awake in a room. Each of them have a collar locked around their necks which are connected by a single cable which feeds into the wall behind them, above mounted razor blades. If the timer goes off, a winch goes off, decapitating them all on the blades. The keys are on the other side of the room, however, if one person moves forward, everyone is dragged backwards. All but Ashley survive. The Fatal Five: The Jars In the next room the group find three bomb shelters. The keys to them are in the glass jars hanging from the ceiling. As one of them died in the previous room, there are four of them, thus, one must be the odd one out. In sixty seconds the bomb will detonate. Charles is left to die. The Fatal Five: The Bathtub Down to three people now. They find a bathtub and are informed that to open the door they must find a way to connect all five cords to the bath water, however, the cords are too short to reach the water. They must find a way to do so in three minutes or the door will seal forever. Brit kills Luba and uses her body as an electrical conductor. The Fatal Five: The Table Saws In the final room the remaining victims must drain ten pints of blood into a beaker in order to open the door or be killed by the nail bombs. Mallick and Brit realize they were all supposed to work together in order to make it to the final test. If they had worked together, each of them would only have to drain 2 pints of blood each, but now they must drain 5 pints each. They allow blades to saw into their arms and pass out. A detective arrives and calls an ambulance. Their fates are left unknown. The Coffin Trap In the finale of the movie, Agent Strahm finds a room with a vertical glass box in the middle of it. A tape instructs him to enter it. Should he trust the tape? Hoffman enters the room and is locked inside the coffin by Strahm. Believing he has won, Strahm taunts Hoffman, however, the door to the room seals. The coffin lowers into the floor as the two opposite walls of the room slowly converge. Strahm attempts to escape through the grating in the ceiling only to have his arm literally splinter open. The walls continue converging, completely crushing him to death.