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What are the secret ruins in sootopolis city?

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Is there a secret way into the sootopolis city gym on ruby?

no you have to catch groudon first

How do you enter the ancient ruins in emerald version?

Dive near sootopolis

What do you do at the Secret Cavern in Pokemon emerald?

The main reason to be in the secret cavern is to fight with the leader of team aqua and suddenly KYOURGA will get away and fight with GROUNDON at sootopolis city.

How do you get to sootopolis in Pokemon Sapphire?

In Pokemon Sapphire, Sootopolis City is only accessible using the HM Dive. There is a spot outside of Mossdeep City where the player can Dive and then resurface in Sootopolis City.

How do you get to sootopolis city on Pokemon emerald?

to get to sootopolis you have to use dive outside the city then come up inside.

Which city is Juan in on Pokemon ruby?

Sootopolis city.

Where is Rayquaza in Sapphire?

in sootopolis city

Where is cave origin?

it is in sootopolis city.

Where to go after mossdeep?

Sootopolis City.

In Pokemon emerald how do you get to sootopolis city?

simpliy the dark spot leading to sootopolis you have to use dive

Where is the 8th gym leader in emerald version?

He is at Sootopolis can battle him only after the sootopolis incident

Where is the cave in Sootopolis city?

The cave is in the back of Sootopolis city but there is a old man blocking the way, and I am having trouble getting the man to move.

Where do you find sootopolis in Pokemon sapphire?

The only way to reach Sootopolis City is to go underwater using Dive on the route right by the city. When your underwater look for a hole inside a cave and go inside then use Dive to resurface into Sootopolis City.

How you get into the gym in sootopolis city?

you have to go under water and search around the sootopolis on your map follow the rocks

Where is the cave of origin in sapphire?

its in sootopolis city

Where does kioger and growdon fight?

sootopolis city.

Where is cave origin in sapphire?

in sootopolis city

How do you get to the gym leader in sootopolis city in sappier?

dive outside sootopolis city, there should be a cave, go in, then dive again so that you can go up and there you have it

In Pokemon emerald what city is the 8th gym leader in?

sootopolis city

Wheres Groudon in ruby?

Groudon is in the Cave of Origin, in Sootopolis City. Only in Ruby version. Kyogre is in the Cave of Origin in Sootopolis City, in Sapphire only.

What is the secret of the Abyssal Ruins?

i havent figured it out yet but there is a special Pokemon at the end of the ruins

How do you get to sootopolis city pokemon emerald?

You must have a pokemon with move DIVE to get into Sootopolis City... First go to Route 126 by using SURF, then DIVE into the deep parts of the sea, now go south underwater 'til you see a cave, that cave is the entrance to Sootopolis City...

How do you get from lilycove city to sootopolis city for emoarald?

If you look at your pokenav look at Lilycove city, you will see water use surf move to the side then go all the way down then you are at Sootopolis city. Hope this helped.

How do you get to Sootopolis City in Emerald?

You need the HM Dive and Surf go southwest from mossdeep city until you find white rocks dive underwater go into a cave resurface and you will be in sootopolis city.

Where is Steven in sootopolis city?

in front of the gym kid