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A series of strikes in Bowling is called an x-bagger; for example, four strikes in a row is a four-bagger.

In addition, two strikes in a row is called a 'double', while three is called a 'triple' or a 'turkey'. Six in a row has long been called a 'six-pack'; while strings of four and five have recently acquired the nicknames 'hambone' and 'yahtzee' respectively.

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5 strikes in a row in bowling is called a "Lamb Shank"

The term for three strikes in a row is called a three bager.for fun bowling a turkey.

A colossal letdown. Twelve strikes is a perfect game.

Bowling has strikes and spares.

The nickname for 6 strikes in a row is commonly referred to as a Six Pack.

It would be 3 turkeys since a single turkey is 3 strikes.

Five Strikes in a row in Bowling is a Brot. Coming from the term of the number of Brots that come in a package. Six Strikes in a row in Bowling is a Six Pack Seven Strikes in a row in Bowling is a T-Bone Eight is a Sir Loin Nine is a prime rib Ten Is a Double Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner.

It is now called Yahtzee!5 consecutive strikes in bowling is called a 5-bagger.There are no special names for strikes other than hambone/double for two consecutive strikes, turkey for three consecutive strikes, and clover for four consecutive strikes. Anything after that is call a "x bagger." X = the number of consecutive strikes thrown. For example. If you threw seven strikes in a row, it would called a seven bagger.5 baggerIn bowling if a person were to get 3 strikes in a row, at anytime in a game, that's called a " Turkey ". 5 strikes in row is called a " Goose " , 10 in a row is a "swan" and ,12 in row is of course a " perfect game ".

There is nothing called a "birdie" in bowling. There is however a "turkey" which is to bowl three consecutive strikes in a game.

Three strikes in a row is called a turkey.

the most possible in one game is 12. in a series: 36

Eleven Bagger, Front Eleven, Back Eleven.

Seven strikes in bowling is called a seven bagger.The is no particular name for 7 in a row except for '7 bagger'.7 strikes, or seven bagger.The term for seven strikes in a row is "seven bagger." If they are in the first seven framers it may be called the "front seven." If it is the last seven strikes (frames 6, 7, 8, 9, and 3 strikes in the 10th) it is called the "back seven" or "seven out the door."seven bagger

A Game with all Marks (Spares and strikes) is called a Clean Game.

There is no solid definition for a round of bowling. There is a game of bowling. Three games is referred to as a series. In league bowling, usually that nights "round" of bowling consists of three games per bowler or one series.

Baseball & Bowling

In tenpin bowling, it would take 12 strikes to complete a perfect 300 game.

the opposite of baseball is bowling because in bowling strikes are good

A 300 in bowling is a perfect game, with 12 strikes in a row.