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Q: What are the settings for the timing on a 1997 Kia Sortage with twin cams?
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How do you reset the timing after the timing belt breaks on a 1997 Mazda MPV 3.0 2WD?

all timing marks are on the belts and cams. just line them all up and it will be timed

Does a 1997 Honda 2.7 liter engine have a timing belt?

Yes it does, the belt is routed around both of the overhead cams

Where can you find timing chain for a 1997 SHO 3.4?

If your timing chain broke because you spun a cam, you will need an entirely new engine. Be sure to weld the cams, too.

How is the Timing of the two overhead cams to crank in a 1992 Mitsubishi eclipse 1.8?

Two cams in a 1.8 ?

What direction does the twin cams turn on a 1997 Kia sportage?

The twin cams on a 1997 kia sportage turn clockwise.

How do you align the cams and crank on 1997 Kia Sportage 20 4 wheel drive?

there are marks on the timing cover that remains attached to the block and there are arrows on the cams. there is a pointer down by gear on crank and a dimple on gear align these marks

How do you line up the timing marks on the camshafts of a 2001zx2 2.0?

Get bar that fits in slots on end of cams. The bar fits the cams only when at correct timing. At least this is how on 98

Which positions should cams be while fitting a new cam belt?

The cams should be lined up with its timing mark.

What are the torque specs for the overhead cams on a 1996 KIA Sportage?

do you mean the cylinder head or the timing gears that mount on the cams .

Does a 1999 Chevy 2.2 engine use a timing belt?

It uses a timing chain which drives the cams.

Timing marks on a 2.5 dci Renault?

no you need timing tools put a timing pin in the block to lock the crankshaft and use the timing tool to lock the cams

How do you set the timing on the cams of an 1997 Ford Explorer 4.0 sohc once you have replaced the tensioners guides and chains?

There is a special timing chain tool kit that is used to set the engine cams at time with the crank. These tools are expensive and the task is a tedious process, but possible. The tool kit can be purchased by after market tool suppliers like OTC. Good Luck!

Does a 1995 V6 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP have a timing belt or timing chain?

it has both a timing chain that drives the intermediate shaft and a timing belt that runs the cams

Where is the timing sensor on a 1999 ford escort gt?

There is no suck thing as a timing sensor. The timing marks for a escort are not on the cams you must use a straight edge.

Is the cam belt and timing belt the same thing?

I have never heard of a cam belt, but a timing belt does drive the cam or cams

Does the Peugeot 407 have a timing belt or timing chain?

Both, cranshaft to camshaft sprocket, belt, camshaft sprocket to cams, chain.

Does a Mazda bt50 engine have a steel timing chain?

No, in fact it doesn't carry a timing chain at all. The timing belt is spun by the injection pump which turns the cams via the timing belt

Is the timing chains in the back of the motor?

Every motor I know of has the timing chain in front directly under the water pump. The timing chain goes from the crankshaft to the cam or cams.

What happens it the crankshaft turns without the cams turning on a kia Rio?

Broken timing belt?

How to set timing on ZX2?

timing is set on a ZX2 by finding top dead center (TDC) on cylinder number 1 and aligning the cams. Once this is done, properly set the tensioner. TDC can be located by using a crankshaft locking tool. the cams can be aligned by inserting a flat piece of steel into the slot on the ends of the cams opposite the end with the cam gears.

When do you change the timing belt on a 2004 suzuki grand vitara 2.0l petrol?

There is no timing belt on a 2 litre Vitara. It has chain-driven cams.

What is the timing for a Kia Sportage?

it is auto timed thru the cam shaft and crankshaft sensors.You cannot change it. The timing belt has timing marks when you change the belt in which you line up the crank and cams.

Does a 1992 Nissan maxima have a timing belt or timing chain?

depends on the engine if its a single over head cams it has a belt if a dual over head has a chain

Where are the timing belt marks for a 95 Buick Skylark 25 liter?

iknow were the crank marks are but not the cams

Where do you set the timing marks on a 2000 daewoo?

the two cams must be at 12oclock and the crank must be at 6oclock