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What are the settings up1 neutral down1 and down2 used for on a 1990 kawasaki 650 x-2 jet ski- I know they move the jet but why?

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2009-06-29 02:48:09

The 1up setting points the jet up, this assist the ski in

keeping a level ride when you have 2 people on board, it forces the

rear of the ski down which raises the front to help the ski "plane"

quicker The neutral setting is for general 1 person use, the jet is

running parrelel to the ski. The 1 and 2 down possitions are for

when you are towing toys, the jet points down which forces the rear

of the ski up to compensate for the extra load of the object being

towed and helps stop the rear of the ski bogging down.

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