Smoking and Tobacco Use

What are the short term effects of smoking?

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2013-04-30 07:48:09

Long term smokers would have more long term effects. Little

really is known about smokers and some doctors say it can be seven

years before the body is clean from nicotine, while others say it

is for the rest of your life. They can't come to a decision because

they really don't have the facts to back them up. If you are a

social smoker only then stop! It's not worth it. A rapid increase

in heart rate. shaking in hands. Body temperature reduces and

eventually addiction.

there are a lot of short term risk


dry skin

yellow of the teeth and toe nails and finger nails

there is a high risk that you will get addicted

bad breath


lip burn

and many more (: good bye hope I help

it can cause short of breath while you exorcise and bad breath and

some times yellow finger nail and toe nail also yellow teeth i hope

i help you [:bye

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