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What are the side effects from using teeth effect bands?

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Cosmetic dentist warn about the Teeth Effects tendency to cause the teeth to do a tipping movement. Teeth should slide to fill the gap but the bands cause loosing around the socket instead. Overtime new gaps could form around the teeth.

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When should I stop using the teeth gap bands on my teeth?

Bands do not work that effectively . If you want to close the gaps between your teeth you will need to see an orthodontist .

How can you fix the gaps not only in your two front teeth but the gaps on the sides without braces or veneers?

Possibly with some tooth colored fillings. Talk to a dentist and see what they reccomend.I use to have multiple gaps in my teeth. Then one day I came across and it changed my life forever. I don't have much money so braces where out of the question. Teeth Effects where only $16.95 so I figured I'd give it a shot. The bands really worked! I was able to close all 3 of my gaps using teeth effects bands.ANSWERyou wasted 16.95. the bands are what they use for braces. you can get them free if you go to an ortho and ask for bands for braces. this is a scam by teeth effects. you have been scammed

Are the results of using teeth gap bands permanent?

The teeth gap bands cause the teeth to tip instead of slide to fill in the gap. Cosmetic dentists worn about new gaps appear on the sides of the moved teeth.

If you close the gaps in your teeth by using dental rubber bands can more gaps be made?


How much longer do you have to wear braces after you start using rubber bands?

There is no set time for how long you will have to continue wearing your braces once you start using rubber bands. Everybody's teeth are different.

How long will a 3mm gap in teeth take to close?

It depends on what your using to close the gap. I would recomend for you to use teeth effect bands. It might take a few weeks for your gap to close, but the results are amazing. < go to this website to order them and find out more.

Can you use teeth effect bands to close the gap in your front teeth?

I purchased teeth effects a month ago. Now the gap is completely gone I can't stop smiling I feel like a new person. I used to wear braces for the same problem, but I tell you, teeth effects work better and I recommend them to everyone. I bought those bands. They work ur teeths get kinda weak but then they get together it took like 3 months for mines for me to get results but theres a problems.. i close the gap but once i stop using it for a week i started seein my gap again... so i think it depends on how ur gap is that u might get good results if ur teeth or ur gap is in ur front teeth and they like coming out . u know like bugs bunny ur gap will not close well this stuff really hurts my teeth, but it works...even when i go to sleep with it on...i wake up in really hurts...BUT its cheap...and pain IS BEAUTY :) I am currently using teeth effect bands. For the first few days they hurt. Which is expect because my friends always told me there teeth hurt a wire was changed when wearing braces. Anyways, I've been wearing the bands for 2 weeks now and my gap is closed. I still wear them a few hours a day to make sure my gap doesn't reopen. Ben

Do you have to take of the rubber bands before you brush your teeth if you have braces?

No. Bands can only be removed by your ortho. You can buy a special brush if u have difficulty using a regular. Ask your ortho for a sample.

Are dental whitening products effective and are there side effects?

You can use home whitening kits to whiten your teeth. It will take longer before you see results. The main side effect of teeth whitening is tooth sensitivity. This usually subsides when you stop using the whitener.

What are the possible side effects of using teeth whitening bleach?

There is a risk of bleaching your gums when using teeth whitening bleach, along with painful chemical burns and a possibility of over bleaching, making your teeth look almost fake from the chemicals.

Does or orthofill teeth bands really work?

I have a gap and I am using them right now! But they do work, I am kind of scared though I am afraid they will create new gaps, even though they said on their website the bands would not.

What are the side effects of earphones?

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What are the pros and cons of using gap teeth bands to close the gap between teeth?

I can't come up with any pros. The con is if you move your teeth without the proper knowledge of how long it should take you can cause root resorption and the eventual loss of teeth due to lack of support.

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How long does teeth whitening last after using zoom teeth whitening?

The answer is the effects of zoom whitening should last for between 12 and 24 months, but with a significant caveat – the length of the benefits for will vary hugely depending on how well you treat your teeth afterwards.

If you use teeth effect bands to close your gap and afterwards get a retainer would the gap stay closed?

I have found from personal experience that a retainer doesn't do much for gaps. It didn't for me. I had about a half centimeter gap in between my two front teeth and the orthodontist used bands to hold the gap. He did this for over a year, yet when I got my braces off and started using a retainer, the gap was back in a month. My teeth continuing to drift may have something to do with my age. I had braces from 10-late 12. I have heard that your jaw is softer when younger and that it hardens with age, thus keeping teeth in place. I'm not totally sure on this though.

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First they cement little pieces of metal on your teeth using a special ultraviolet sensitive glue. Then they put a metal wire through the little pieces. The wire is held in place through small elastic bands.

How long does it usually take for a gap to close with braces?

Well, by now I suspect you know the answer to your question=) But for others who are curious, it can take as little as a few weeks for a gap to close, depending on how wide it is. Forget, closing a gap using braces! I closed my gap for only $16.95 using teeth effect bands from I saved so much money.

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