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What are the side effects of fat burner pills?

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October 30, 2009 12:21AM

Answer Fat burners, are they worth it!!!

I recently purchased a bottle of diet pills from e-bay
'guaranteed to aid wight loss by burning fat and reducing your appetite'. I took 2 (one in the morning and one after lunch, although it said you could take upto 6 in 24 hours). Within half an hour of taking the second one my speech was slurred, I could not focus properly, my mouth was very dry, it felt as though my body was on fire; just a few side effects I experienced.... I would urge anyone to read the small print although I did and appeared to contain nothing more than herbs!

It will dry your mouth because it contains a diuretic. It's main purpose is to drain your body of water. That is what most body builders do... I think...