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What are the side effects of skin whitening products?


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November 07, 2007 10:12PM

It depends on the product you will going to use and how you use it. Always remember , no pain , no gian and there's always risk involve. Just alwys drink lot sof water and don't forget to drink hingh milligram vit.C when using lightening products cause it will help you alot. That's one of the secret to have a glowing skin... VIT. C. THis article might help cause this is where I found the link of where I bought my products. I've done research before I bought mine and made sure the website an dthe person is credible.

The main side effect to worry about is the increased risk of skin cancer. Some of the chemical reduce the skins resistance to the sun's UV rays. Likewise, when one writes on the skin they have an increased risk for skin cancer. So think of that times about one hundred. Another side effect is the dryness. The checicals suck the natural moisture from your skin.