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What are the side effects of snorting mirtazapine?


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Mirtazapine is only slightly soluble in water, so snorting it might bring on the effects slightly quicker, but it will be similar to ingesting the pill.


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It would be similar to the effects of snorting a percocet, because that's technically what it is. SNORT UP

Snorting the antidepressant Mirtazapine has no recreational value. It would likely be painful. There is no reason not to just take it normally.

The side effects of snorting percocet are the same as if you injested them. The only other differ from eating them and snorting them is that most come with acetimenophine (tylenol) and with that it burns like hell the first line you do. And it doesnt taste very good.

it is bad side effect for pregnancy

Increase in cardiovascular side effects. Mixing alcohol with any stimulant will do this

This is dangerous . Snorting Valium is bad for you. When you snort Valium, you increase the chances for negative and adverse side effects to happen. Side effects from snorting : fatigue difficulty breathing irregular heart beat loss of concentration nausea and diarrhea overdose ulceration of the mucous membrane of the nose seizures tremors

PMS-Mirtazapine is a generic version of Remeron, a drug used for depression. Additional info including side effect info may be found here: ~ T

Snorting Prozac and other antidepressants can lead to irregular heartbeat, nausea, and coma. Death does sometimes occur with an overdose.

Nothing will happen. It will burn for a few seconds then your nose will run.

it make s your body feel high but its not reccomended.i wouldn't have you do this to your body.

The same as taking by mouth it just hits you faster by snorting them

you feel loose and relaxed, since its a painkiller. but to put it in drug terms you're not sober haha

You will probably experience serious side effects, considering that would be putting female-hormone-inducing pills in your body. Dont do it!

In cats, mirtazapine is used to treat inappetance and nausea; in anecdotal reports it appears to be moderately effective in reducing these clinical signs. However, there are risks of side effects including behavior changes, and it does not treat the underlying cause of the decreased appetite.

1. Your nose burns for about an hour 2. It feels as if your throat is swollen 3. You'll spend at least a day constantly blowing your nose - Overall, there are little to no effects from snorting citalopram. You may feel a bit more mellow, but that is about it. I would not recommend it.

Im not quite sure but i know that chewing a patch is the most yuk and trippiest thing-not recommended at all!!

severe burning in the nasal cavity and possibly nose bleeding. just put it under your tongue where it belongs

The effects of snorting buspirone are much like snorting "X". You may expirience some heartbeat skippage, but other than that it's legit.

Do not snort any pills that you swallow, it can damage your lungs. Suppositories are ok. Google snorting Tylenol you will screw up your nose and lungs due to the filler in them and they will not breakdown. Only an 1D10T would do this. Get a life.

An M 515 pill, a peach/beige color, is Mirtazapine (Generic) AKA Remeron (Brand name) an antidepressant with anti-anxiety and sedative side effects.

being stupid for sniffing ibuprofen

Your nose will burn like hell.

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