What are the side effects of synthetic cocaine?


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Psychotic behavior, hallucinations, increased heart rate, cardiovascular collapse, chest pain, paranoia, agitation, increased blood pressure, delusions, inability to get erect, and decreased penis size for males.

These side effects can last from hours to days, because of how potent the drug is. It is stronger than actual cocaine so only a small amount is needed to get the desired affect, however users don't know this and hundreds of people are overdosing and becoming hospitalized. There are cases of death, as well as people who have to be hospitalized in psychiatric hospitals because their behavior has lasted for more than a couple days.


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The side effects of cocaine are so many to the systems of the body. Cocaine is known to have severe side effects on the nervous system which limits its ability to function properly.

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The side effects of cocaine can be short term or long term depending on usage. Cocaine is associated with brain damage in the long run.

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Yes, but there are many side effects.

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The side affects are that you're taking cocaine. Also sleepyness. Remember, though, cocaine can be really damaging to your system.

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