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Psychotic behavior, hallucinations, increased heart rate, cardiovascular collapse, chest pain, paranoia, agitation, increased blood pressure, delusions, inability to get erect, and decreased penis size for males.

These side effects can last from hours to days, because of how potent the drug is. It is stronger than actual cocaine so only a small amount is needed to get the desired affect, however users don't know this and hundreds of people are overdosing and becoming hospitalized. There are cases of death, as well as people who have to be hospitalized in psychiatric hospitals because their behavior has lasted for more than a couple days.

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What is in k2 synthetic marijuana?

what is side effects for synthetic marijuana

What are the Side effects of cocain?

The side effects of cocaine are so many to the systems of the body. Cocaine is known to have severe side effects on the nervous system which limits its ability to function properly.

What are side effects of cocanie?

The side effects of cocaine can be short term or long term depending on usage. Cocaine is associated with brain damage in the long run.

Side effects of cocaine laced marijuana?

extreme euphoria...

Can you mix cocaine and morphine?

Yes, but there are many side effects.

What are the side effects of taking benadryl with cocaine to help with nasal congestion?

The side affects are that you're taking cocaine. Also sleepyness. Remember, though, cocaine can be really damaging to your system.

Where did the names of he Seven Dwarfs come from?

They are the side effects from cocaine usage.

What are the side effects of snorting cocaine mixed with adderall?

you die drugs kill

Is methadone synthetic heroine?

Methadone is an analog synthetic heroin. As a synthetic opioid, it is a controlled level 2 drug that has the same potential side effects.

What are the penalties for possession of synthetic marijuana?

Synthetic marijuana is now treated just like any other illegal substances, however it is considered a very bad drug going in to the lists of crack, cocaine and heroin because of the severity of side effects and issues to your physical and mental health

Do illegal drugs affect Depo-Provera?

OTC drugs are not likely to reduce the effectiveness of depo. Cocaine and derivitives of cocaine can worsen the side effects of depo. Vasodilators can also worsen the side effects. Any drug which has effects on the liver could be a problem. The effects of additives and impurities in street drugs are unknown to me in this regard.

What is olestra?

Olestra is a synthetic sugar. It has a number of side effects. It is usually hidden in the nutritional lables.

What is side effects for synthetic marijuana?

a severe case of dumbassness , just buy real weed

What is novocaine made from?

Novocaine is a synthetic derivative of cocaine.

Can cocaine cause conjunctivitis?

Yes along with many more serious side effects including death.

How is synthetic marijuana made?

If by synthetic marijuana you mean spice, it is made by picking random plants, drying them and then spraying them with a bunch of crazy chemicals. It's nothing like marijuana and has many serious side effects. Instant side effects may include seizures. There are too many long term side effects to list but neurological damage is a guarantee.

Is K2 synthetic marijuana a muscle relaxant?

i would believe so because if its a synthetic form of THC then it should have similar side effects as the really thing

What are negative effects of cocaine?

Effects nervous system

What are effects of crack cocaine?


What are the deadly effects of cocaine?


Is it safe to take cocaine with antibiotics?

Is it safe to take antibiotics and cocaine? I heard cocaine wipes out the effects of the antibiotic.

If you use cocaine on occasion what kind of effects does it have on the baby?

cocaine will really help your baby develop a cocaine addiction.

What are the effects of mixing cocaine with steroids being taken to treat poison ivy?

The effects of cocainemixed with anything is not good. Cocaine by itself is destructive and deadly.

How do you counteract the effects of cocaine?

A scientific drug, dexmedetomidine, reverses the effects cocaine has on the cardiovascular system. It lowers elevated heart rate and blood pressure.

Can you die from molly drug use?

Molly or ecstasy can have some of the same negative effects as cocaine and amphetamines. Death is a possible side effect.