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There is no male contraceptive pill on the market. Only condoms and vasectomy are available to men at this time.

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Some side effects of the Charlize Contraceptive Pill include:HeadachesGastric upsetsNauseaVomitingImpaired appetiteBreast tendernessSlight changes in body weight and libidoDepressive moodsLiver issues

yes, contraceptive pills affect pregnancy because the hormones in the pill, however, are synthetic and can have exaggerated side effects on some women. Some of the more common effects are the breakthrough bleeding does not mean that the pill isn't working as a contraceptive.

It's very easy -- if you're happy with the pill and not having side effects, it's the right pill. Most women do well on a wide variety of pills, and there is no one right pill. Women on the wrong pill may complain of side effects. The side effects they're having guide the prescriber in choosing the next pill to try.

Any birth control pill may cause side effects for any women. All women can expect changes in bleeding (good or bad) from the pill. The side effects from contraceptive pills are significantly lower than the side effects of pregnancy, so it's a good trade-off for most women. Talk to your health care provider about your specific concerns, and she can hep you choose a method that you can live with.

You can safely take the MAP while you are on birth control. Ask your Ireland pharmacist about the side effects and if it is OK for you to take the MAP.

You may notice slight side effects..... like your penis falling off Also you are more susceptable to catching Gay!

the pill has so many side effects listed that you should read the label for side effects

It depends on what the doctors said not to worry about. If the pill is causing you side effects which you aren't happy with, then change your contraceptive pill. But if your not happy with taking a certain medication, always change if possible or speak it over with your doctor.

The morning-after pill can make you sick due to the body's reaction to the chemical or chemicals it contains. There are at least three kinds of emergency contraceptive pills, each with different ingredients and potential side effects.

Yes ortho evra has the same possible side effects as taking the pill does although some of the effects differ in serverity between the pill and ortho evra.

It will be very effective if taken within the first 48 hours of intercourse. You may experience side effects such as break through bleeding, or a change to your menstrual cycle and abdominal cramping, but not everyone experiences these common side effects and it does not indicate whether the medication has been successful or not. I would recommend that you perform a pregnancy test 2-3 weeks after taking the emergency contraceptive and the result will be accurate.

Being on the contraceptive pill has its side effects, sore nipples being one of them... it messes your hormones up for a while until you get used to it. This could be a reason?!

Benefits associated with this type of contraceptive device include easy availability (no prescription is required), convenience of use, and lack of serious side effects.

what are the side effects to the dexamethasone pill

There are minimal side effects of an iron pill. It's best to discuss any change in any medication you might be taking with a doctor.

No, you should feel anything after taking the pill. If at all you get the same side effect then you might need to check with the doctor or pharmacist for a different pill or method of contraceptive.

Hydrocodone 10mg with 325mg of Tylenol

It is an intimancy pill.It has no harmful side effects.

Like any other medication, the birth control pill has side effects to be aware of. Some common side effects are headache, breakthrough bleeding, mood swings and decreased libido.

the cast of side effects

you can tell how to tell the gender by its under side if it is pale it is a female if it is dark it is a male.

If you have side effects then maybe you should get off the pill. You can gain weight off the pill.

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